With her low health pool she needs some self healing ability. Especially considering her Aegis does not protect against melee attackers.

I enjoy her but it seems like after the 1st turn you are focused you need to run away and spend the rest of the match hunting health packs.

Other frontliners drop to around half health if they are focused for a turn, but Brynn has the smallest health pool of all the frontliners(tied with some frontliners) AND THIS IS A GOOD THING. The difference is that every other frontliner can heal or grant themselves reliable shields with multiple abilities.

Brynn has no ability to self heal, and one shield trait is linked to a dash(if you dashed to escape then you really dont need shields) the other shield trait gives 5 shields per enemy hit(If you hit 4 people with your spear, the 20 shields you get WILL NOT SAVE YOU. For that matter 1 person can easily out damage 5 shields in this case)

I really do like this character. She is interesting because she is a frontline who doesn't want to be in melee range(AEGIS), and her skills are unique and fun, but other frontline seem to be stronger because of Durability, AOE, or Attack Range.