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Thread: Foc the Unpredictable Fire

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    Post Foc the Unpredictable Fire

    Real name: Unknown
    Nickname: Foc

    Role: Frontline

    Physical description: A tall man with very slim limbs, his face can never be seen because he's always wearing a welding mask, his hair is pointy, as if he was recently electrified, and there's smoke on his head.

    Mental description: Totally crazy, has a cruel sense of humor which is burning people alive, he likes the way they move around to extinguish the fire they have on them.

    Health: 190

    Foc, before he went totally nuts, was a highly trained soldier, focused on very close combat with explosives and other flammable items, after years of service he demonstrated that he was an excellent soldier, maybe even too good to keep free. One day he was deployed alone, without his team, he was told to go into a cave and take care of some terrorists hiding inside, it would be an easy job, it was a very small cave with small gaps, the enemy wouldn't be able to run away. He prepared and jumped inside with a maniac laughter burning everyone with his illegally customized flamethrower, all the enemies were screaming as the flames engulfed them deep into the skin. When the chaos ended, it seemed that the soldiers below were allies after all, sent there to take care of Foc because he became a beast rather than a soldier, by the time they realized Foc was a menace, it was too late, he left the cave without leaving a trade, he was the best soldier of his team after all.

    Passive "On Fire!": All abilities which damage an enemy freelancer puts a debuff on them, which take 5 damage at the end of every turn for 2 turns. The damage can't be stacked but the effect can be prolonged up to 6 turns. If the target is healed, the effect of "On Fire!" is reduced by half and subtract 5 from the healing ability. The flames on the ground only apply 1 turn of "On Fire!".

    Primary (Blast): "Burn them all!"
    Cone Attack.
    Foc uses his flamethrower and fills the area with flames, dealing 25 direct damage. The flames stay in the squares for the rest of the turn, dealing 10 damage to enemies who walk on them. If an enemy already has "On Fire!" debuff, they take 5 additional damage.

    No place to hide: Ignores cover but fire on the ground deals 5 damage. 2 bars.
    Special fuel: Squares on the ground stay until the end of the next turn but targets don't take additional damage by "On Fire!". 1 bar.
    The closer the faster you burn!: Increase damage up to 5 the closer your enemy is but reduce the area of the cone. 3 bars.
    Fire Cover: No longer burns the ground but enemies hit are Revealed until the beginning of the next prep phase. 2 bars.

    (Prep Phase)(Free Action): "Flare gun"
    Area 4x4.
    Foc launches a flare gun on an area and all enemies that are inside are Revealed. Can go through walls.
    2 Charges, cooldown of 4 turns.

    Fireworks!: Enemies below the area are applied "On Fire!" debuff. 3 bars.
    The big shiny: No longer has charges, increase area by 1 square, decrease cooldown by 1. 2 bars.
    Follow the light: Gain haste this turn only but the range is reduced. 1 bar.
    Surprise Flare: Enemies under the area are applied a Slow but can't be show through walls. 2 bar.

    (Prep Phase): "Shield of Fire"
    Prep Phase: Applies a shield of 30 to Foc and gives him unstoppable.
    Blast Phase: All enemies adjacent to Foc are dealt 20 damage. If the target already has the "On Fire!" debuff, a slow is also applied.
    Cooldown of 3 turns.

    Thick Fire Barrier: Applies 10 additional shield but doesn't apply a Slow on enemies that has "On Fire!". 2 bars.
    Fast Flames: The shield deals 7 additional damage but it doesn't give Unstoppable. 2 bar.
    Covered in Gas: The shield stays for 2 turns, dealing 10 damage each turn, this only applies 1 turn of "On Fire!". 1 bar.
    Fire Tail: The explosion of the shield also burns the ground but reduce the shield received by 5.

    (Blast Phase): "Incendiary Ball"
    Straight line and explodes in an area when hitting a wall or an enemy.
    Foc fires a fireball on a straight line, enemies hit are dealt 30 damage and Weakened is applied, if the target already has "On Fire!" debuff, it deals 5 additional damage and increase the explosion area by 1 square.

    Small Hole: Increase range of the shot but doesn't increase the area if the target is "On Fire!". 1 bar.
    Big Boom: The area is always big but doesn't deal 5 additional damage if the target is "On Fire!". 2 bar
    Until the ashes remain: If the target is "On Fire!" deal 7 additional damage instead of 5 and apply 3 turns of "On Fire!" but no longer applies Weakened. 3 bar.
    Spiritual Flames: Pierces through the first target dealing 25 damage and deals 15 damage to the second enemy hit. No longer does area damage. 2 bar.

    (Ultimate, Blast Phase): "Let's turn up the heat!"
    Big Sphere area around Foc. 100 energy needed.
    Foc grabs his flamethrower and starts spinning, all enemies hit are dealt 35 damage, weakened and slowed for 2 turns and applied 6 turns of "On Fire!", if the target already has "On Fire!" debuff, a knockout is also applied. This ignores cover and burns the ground for 3 turns.

    World on Fire: Increase the range but only applies 2 turns of "On Fire!". 2 bar.
    Shields of Flame: Allies hit by this ability are given 10 shields and are healed by 5 but only burns the ground for 2 turns. 2 bar.
    Extra Fuel: Decrease the cooldown of all abilities by 1 and applies 15 shield. 1 bar.
    The fire from Hell: Deals 15 additional damage, no longer weakens and slows. 3 bar.

    Hope you liked this idea!

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    Great concept and a cool title for a freelancer with a "Totally crazy" attitude, Foc is surely an interesting name and I can see a new nickname emerge for him within the community but nevermind that. First the health for a frontline freelancer would commonly range from 120-160 to 190 HP is a far fetch from that reach. Interesting passive that you have mentioned which fits the purpose of a pyroman. I have seen a lot of Freelancer concepts that all wield a flamethrower and I would say yours is one of the great amoung the good of the crowd.

    The description of Foc 'A tall man with very slim limbs, his face can never be seen because he's always wearing a welding mask, his hair is pointy, as if he was recently electrified, and there's smoke on his head' I can only imagine a picture of Junkrat (Overwatch).

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