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Thread: Rampart's Base Attack

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    Rampart's Base Attack

    Hello there!

    As someone who's trying to raise the flag for Rampart's (many?) problems, I'm kind of curious to see what people actually think about his base attack.
    The bread and butter of every freelancer, most Freelancers have a base attack that functions as the core mechanic to their intended role (Nix, Zuki), oryou have those that are just plain amazing (Lockwood) or serve an important function for Synnergy (Kaigen, Aurora etc)

    Rampart's base attack however is, imho, the most problematic part of his entire kit (Assuming they will one day remove a lot of Ignore Cover or something). It has a small range, and an even smaller AoE that functions best when Rampart is litterally surrounded by people, and no true synnergy or tactical reason for it being the way it is. On top of that, he doesn't really have any practical tools in his kit to utilize his main attack to the best of his capability either.. and I don't consider a double-lance to count for it.

    I really wish it was programmable for instance, to function like a stab-and-spin, or a better Full-Stab, or a better Full-Spin (Would suit too being a robot). It'd just feel so much better for the situations he gets himself in.

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    The way I see it, rampart is more of a defensive freelancer who's supposed to hang back and protect his team. so maybe extend the range of the initial stab?

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    I've been away-from-game for a bit, but I've written quite a lot about the good ole' robot in my day, and I personally don't believe his primary attack is anything close to "problematic", let alone being the most problematic part of his kit.

    The spin, to be quite honest, is totally secondary. 26 damage at 3 tiles of range is pretty decent for current Frontliner freelancers. Further, you don't have to hug your allies to get off effective shields: A shield shoved right up in a foe's face blocks just as well.

    If rampart has a weakness, (and I believe he does,) it's the incredible number of moves which straight-out bypass his shield. I still hold that it ought not to allow dashes to pass through freely.

    There's maybe a few weak mods as well, but that's my take. (EDIT: It might be cool to change his "Deadly Stab" mod to +range instead of +width though.)

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