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Thread: PLEASE make something with asana dash targeting.

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    PLEASE make something with asana dash targeting.

    It many situations it works fine, but also pretty often things like this happen:
    As you can see i am trying to dash to the enemy and then to heal node. But every little mouse movement making my dash patch dance like crazy and change several positions at once, so i usually miss the one i need, and was very lucky that i could finally do it at the end of the timer.
    And this situation is EASY. Hard things coming out when you need to dash from the enemy, then from the wall in opposite direction, and land of power-up spawning point - not ahead, not behind, but in specific plase. In this cases one little coursor movement can change up to 5 positions in one little move, and i simply have to rely on having luck before timer runs out, or making random stupid dash if i wasn't lucky enough.

    Can something be done to make targeting easier? I like Asana, but i am so tired to fighting controls instead of enemies. Maybe you can do something like chosing patching for movement: first you chosing landing location, getting "attached" to it, then chosing bounce location, and then - secondary bounce location, until you run out of bounces.

    p.s. Yeah i can try turning my mouse sense to minimum, but it will make playing rest of the game harder instead.

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    Something that helps a little: Move the mouse cursor further from you when you need more angular precision. You were moving it closer in, which just exacerbates the issue.

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