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Thread: Atlas Reactor is F2P (Questionably)

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    Atlas Reactor is F2P (Questionably)

    Here are the problems and I'll put it in points:
    1) AR is a P2P game but it has a free mode
    2) AR costs $30 ($29.99) making it not very preferable to buy
    3) Due to the Free Mode AR has been classified as a F2P game fully even though Trion themselves said that AR is B2P
    3.5) And Free Mode has lots of limitations and most complains about unable to play Ranked (Free Players)
    4) Due to this almost every single game review channel making AR being the one of the lowest at their top 10 F2P lists
    5) So why bother making it B2P?

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    It'll be fully F2P by the 17th of januar. You'll get to buy freelancers with ingame currency called Flux earned by playing matches. You'll see be able to play ranked games if you reach the said amount of freelancer.

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    You will also be able to buy them with real money, the cost of freelancer (Flux or Money) will be different, newer ones being certainly more expensive.

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    Thought you were questioning it going free to play but it seems you are questioning why its buy to play which seems moot at this point with the model definitely changing.

    Current info can be found on Reddit: Livestream Recap Friday January 6th

    There will be more on its way via official blog and other routes I'm sure.

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    Because freeloaders don't provide decent revenue.

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