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Thread: NA - Dedicated Group for Rank

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    NA - Dedicated Group for Rank

    Hey beta tester here, I keep coming back to AR hoping to find a dedicated group to play with. My competitive reflexes are slowly diminishing due to lacking the amount of time to stay up on games that require twitch skill. AR has always interested me, just haven't found a good group of competent players to consistently play with.

    I can play almost all roles/characters but have a few pref based on roles.

    Looking for:
    Availability from Mon-Wed from 1-5pm CDT + More once we are ready for tournaments
    NA or at the very least Clear English speaking

    Currently High Gold/Plat in @Paragon but ques have really slowed down
    http://agora.gg/profile/640693/AodanTwitch (70% winrate)
    https://masterbattlerite.com/profile/779060699614830592 (was G12 = Plat )

    Leave your IGN so that I can add ya, looking for experienced players.

    Twitter: @AodanTwitch

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    I was also a beta tester, although I took a bit of a break.
    My mic was recently broken but I will be replacing it soon.
    Not a lot of experience in ranked, but I know most all characters.
    I'm best at firepower, second is support.

    Ingame name: Nropevoli#6674

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