Whispurr - The quantum leopard

Role: Whispurr is a frontliner/support whose main goals are to disrupt the enemy team by stealing energy and support their team by engaging the enemy with medium survivability. With good coordination, they can also deliver the energy back to their team.

Lore: Whispurr is thought to be the ethereal pet of the mysterious being known as Quark but nobody can confirm or deny it because Whispurr has rarely been observed. At the very least, Quark and Whispurr get along splendidly by cracking jokes about physics and the futility of existence. On an average day Whispurr can be seen staring blankly at passers by, doing spooky actions at a distance, stealing other freelancer's energy for no real reason, or spontaneously failing to exist.

Swindle paw
Deals moderate AoE damage and steals energy at short range

Observe (4 turn cooldown)
Phase out of reality for a turn, gain slow and weak until the end of next turn

Creepy Aura (5 turn cooldown) (free action)
Steal energy from all enemies in a low-moderate range and gain them as sheilds

Hairballs (3 turn cooldown)
Cough hairballs into a 3x3 area to root/slow enemies and deals moderate damage

Didn't want this anyway (ULT) (Autocast) (free action)
When Whispurr reaches 100% energy, it releases all the energy it has stored. The energy released is divided up and given to all nearby allies and enemies.
(This ability is a huge double edged sword. Enemies can counter play this energy transfer by controlling up Whispurr when they get high on energy or dashing into range to steal energy)

Honestly, I can't imagine this design being adopted verbatim so mods feel like premature optimization. Energy theft and redistribution as a mechanic is design space limiting and it would be neat to pick the designers' minds about what they have planned for unique energy systems and if energy redistribution is a thing we will see in Atlas Reactor

Design notes:
Whispurr is SUPER interesting in a teamplay setting. In the current 20 round design, A successful whispurr game would limit many opponents to a single ult over the course of the game and grant teammates who normally ult twice 3 ults. With good coordination you can pull off magical things like 2 consecutive Zuki/Nix ults.

The disadvantages of this freelancer are a lack of re-positioning dash and the ability to be controlled up and have the enemy steal the ult. Otherwise, A well timed dash might be able to steal the ult energy transfer. There is a ton of play/counter play possible here.

Giving allies a free ult is powerful but remember that Whispurr does not have a damaging ult of their own. Giving allies 2 ults worth of energy is approximately game impact as using 2 ults themself.

If you still have it available, observe can be used to cancel usage of your ult for one turn, if you're in a really tight spot.