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Thread: Icara - The blind scientist

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    Icara - The blind scientist

    Icara the blind scientist
    She who gets too close to the sun shall be burned.

    Role: Icara is an unconventional support who provides no vision in battle and relies on her teammates to see enemies. She supports her team through vision based abilities and a high damage skill shot that deals extra damage to enemies who cannot be seen.

    Lore: Icara is a former colleague and (optionally) mild love interest of Helio. However they fell out after she devoted herself to seeking enlightenment through science. To reach new pinnacles of knowledge, she gazed into the unsheilded core of the reactor. She gained great insight and mild prophetic power, but had her eyes burned out in the process.

    Passive effect:
    Icara provides a sight range of 0

    Prophetic strike :
    Attack a single square fron long range dealing ~15 damage. Deals ~20 extra damage if the enemy was unseen during descision phase.

    Seek truth (2-3 cooldown) (free action)
    Gain an accurate last known indicator for all enemies in prep phase of this turn.

    Sanctuary (3-5 turn cooldown):
    Heal an ally ~7 HP per turn for 3 turns. Heal an extra ~8 HP every turn the character is unseen by enemies.

    Unto the unknown (6-7 turn cooldown):
    Dash to a nearby square that no member of your team can see. Deal low damage to adjacent squares where you land.

    Blind leading the blind (ULT):
    Shine the light of the reactor down onto the battlefield. All enemies lose vision until the end of the next decision phase.

    Sample mods
    Prophetic strike:
    Deals ~25 base damage but no bonus damage
    Reduce base damage to ~5 but increase bonus damage to ~45
    Gain extra energy on a blind hit
    Slow the enemy

    Seek truth:
    Gain haste
    Gain energy for every unseen enemy revealed
    Gain might for 2 turns if not in vision range of any allies

    Gain less health overall but gain shields the first turn
    Gain less health faster
    Gain more health if not seen
    Gain more health if allies cannot see you either

    Unto the unknown:
    Gain 1 range
    Reduce the cooldown of sanctuary
    Root enemies adjacent to where you land

    Blind leading the blind:
    Scramble enemies within sight range
    Deal ~10 damage to enemies in slight range
    Extend to 2 turns. However it effects both teams
    Reveal all enemies until end of next decision phase
    Reduce enemy vision by 50% for 2 turns instead

    Alternate abilities:
    Seek truth -> 6th sense:
    (Free action) (Autocast) - Reveal all nearby enemies during prep phase.

    Prophetic strike -> Prophetic shot:
    Shoot a laser in a straight line in front of you, piercing all targets. Deals extra damage to unseen enemies. Deals less damage than prophetic strike would.
    (The AoE nature of this makes the potential damage through the roof but multiple unseen targets should be exceptionally difficult to set up.)

    Design notes:
    This character is intended as a super high skill roof character similar to Kaigan. If you keep hitting her triggers over and over, you are going to have a fantastic game. If you mod her to the 50 damage shot but can't get it triggered, you're going to use your cooldowns then be forced to do 5 plink damage all game while being shot by unseen enemies.

    Kaigan is already the blind monk archetype so don't want to repeat that. The Greek mythology theme between Helios/Icarus is neat to consider. Yes, the name is Icarus with the s dropped off. Just like Helio is Helios without the s. I have no idea where the game is going with the reactor theme. Optional fun development can be done with Helio's backstory which could be neat (the tragic catalyst of his rampant success?)

    She combos very well with characters that have slows/roots to setup her prophetic strike and can be considered a fairly good counter to enemies that are forced to be predictable and/or have no dash (Juno). Likewise, she is very vulnerable to being controlled. If she is pulled away from her team with something like walkies or rampart pull, she would go down extraordinarily fast and wouldn't provide vision for her team to give return damage. Her dash also can't be used to dash back towards her team.

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    Hello Arbieo, I have a keen interest for unique designs that are not just muscular freelancers that can bring down trees with a single punch, etc. Icara (Lovely name) fits a unique description of a 'Support' freelancer that focuses on an important mechanic in gameplay, "Vision". Vision is powerful, I always find myself lacking the location of an enemy or any counter measure to an invisible enemy without being considered broken. You have found a middle ground and a skill-gap concept for the more experienced characters that would only know how rewarding the information of an enemy is or last seen is.

    "6th Sense", I would prefer this over "Seek Truth" by a miles because personally it is not provoking the line of being broken and is a very specific use ability that has a strong power if used in the right situation. Not many, or not any at all Freelancer's have any direct counter measures to invisible enemies which is why this ability should be implemented in Icara's kit.

    "Blind leading the blind", I wouldn't say completely eliminate the enemy's vision but maybe greatly increase the fog of war so that way your allies are more easily covered by the natural darkness of the map. With a few balancing tweaks this ability would make it through the development of the game.

    I would greatly appreciate this freelancer concept amoung the roster of Atlas Reactor because I have a tendency to attract myself to the supporting roles of any video game. I hope to see more ideas from you and remember to stay active in the community.

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