So I noticed recently a lot of teams are starting to form up, both in ESL, and in the ranked queue. And I noticed that very few teams, save for the invitational/open PPL teams, request scrimmages. Therefore, I would like to compile a small guide of useful information that might be relevant to people who want to, or have started new teams. So here is a list of things to consider.

But why do I want to play with a team?
Playing as a team in AR is a completely different experience, and requires a different set of considerations than playing solo/duo. This is mostly because teams behave differently than a random group of people. If you played any team based game, this is the sort you would expect. But from my personal experience, team-based AR is the best experience you can have. So go for it, even if you think you cannot.

Which brings us to the next point, to play with a team you need to practice against other teams.

Be Present in both ESL and PPL if you can (and the AR discord)
The links to the discord are posted below:
The reason of playing both is to get enough experience. Even if you lose, you are playing against teams, with minimal overhead. With the introduction of team ranked, you have a third source for more practice ground, but it is not always guaranteed to have teams at the same time, ESL/PPL guarantees you will play an interesting amount of different teams, not just the ones in your timezone.

Request Scrimmages whenever you can
Actively seek to talk to other team captains to request a scrimmage. This ensures that you will get more practice before you play games that counts. Scrimmages are friendly games played unofficially between teams.
The best way to do that is to lookup the teams in ESL or PPL and private message their captains (which you will most likely find on the AR discord). Do not be afraid to request scrims and do not be intimated by teams, even if you think they are more skilled than yours, you need all the practice you can get and most teams will agree to scrim you if the time is fine for them.

Remember, that ESL tournaments are on a weekly basis (with the exception of the monthly), which means you can enter whenever you want and still get prizes if you win. So at worst they act as practice, at best you get a little money out of it.

To request scrims, you can publish on any of these channels:
  • PPL Discord - #scrimmageplanning
  • ESL Discord - #na-scrim #eu-scrim
  • AR Discord - #competitive-chat

Elaborate and Develop Team-Wide Strategies
Think of freelancers that can combo together, and also discuss positioning for the few first turns, for more info, check the "Openings" Guide
Use scrims to test them, and refine them.

Want to join/create a team?
These are the channels you can use:
  • PPL Discord - #free-agents-for-hire
  • ESL Discord - #recruitement
  • AR Discord - #lf-competitive-team

Tournaments Resources
Find out more about the tournaments here:

Good luck, have fun, and see you in the arena