Name: (Unknown)
Role: Frontline
Uses nothing but sheer strength and speed as means of attacking. It has high sustain in the battle field like most frontlines and will do more damage when it's in a pinch.

Prim = Thundering Punch
+ Punches so fast it creates a sonic boom
+Targeter = Like Garrison's second ability but shorter

2nd = Ferrous Fury (Free) (CD = 2) (Prep)
+ Only usable when health is at 80% or less
+ Decreases damage taken for the turn

3rd = Belly Boom (CD=5) (Blast)
+ Does small damage to self
+ Targeter = Cone divided to 2 across (Like Rask's prim)
+ Deals damage and enemies in smaller cone is scrambled next turn

4th = Mortal Meteor (CD = 7) (Dash)
+ Deals damage to self upon landing
+ Jumps and lands somewhere
+ As a follow-up X smashes the ground in a direction dealing damage in a small cone

Ult = Amok Ancestral
+ Deals damage in multiple cones, each strike aimed individually (Like grem/oz ult)
+ Gains extra cone for every 20% health missing (max cones = 4)

Extra: Ferrous Fury decreases damage from ALL sources

no mods cuz lazy

Lore (cuz it's easier than Mods): Put simply an evos subject which has been put to cryosleep and was forgotten until the ice melted one day.