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Thread: Openings - A Chess Perspective

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    Openings - A Chess Perspective

    Hey guys Wollelol here again . So since I've not much time lately there is gonna be a special Guide today! I got permission from team Trash to make a Guide about Openings specificly the "Italian" one that team Trash uses. So without further ado lets start!
    But beware this is a team oriented Guide there is little to no chance that a random mixed up team will all know a specific opening and agree to do it.

    What is a Opening?

    People who played chess know the term Opening lets explain it for the rest. I could just copy&paste the wiki definition but I'm gonna accept the challenge and do it myself.
    Opening refers to a set of specific moves in the beginning of a game that leave the board (in this case the map) in a specific position for the player (team).
    Seems like a explanation that I would hate so just to rly tell you what it is.
    Everyone of your team does a specific sequence of movements in the first few turns (2-3 in AR case) to get in a good position for a fight.

    Why would my team need a Opening?

    Well openings have the same effect in AR as in chess. Your team doesn't have to worry about the first few turns (cause you allready defined them) and is sure to end up in spots that give you the right amount of vision, cover, attack angles and distance of your teammates. Basicly it ensures that there won't be any hickups in the beginning of the match. Teams in AR generaly have strategies like going in hard on one side of the map, staying in stealth or the public favorite go in the middle and hit stuff. But a specific coordinated opening just gives you a realy strong starting point into the game and helps to relieve some of the nervousness (if your in a tournament). Doing the first few turns without thinking really helps to calm yourself.

    How deep into the game is a Opening?

    Here is a big difference to chess which has openings over 10 or so turns. In AR Openings can go for at most 3 turns at which point you should see the opponents so you will have some adjustments depening on the situation. The normal amount of turns for AR Openings is 2.

    What different kinds of Openings are there?

    That's were we enter the wild west of AR this is uncharted territory. So befor you create a Opening you need to be sure what your specifications are.
    Do you wanna be very aggresive?
    Get lots of Vision?
    Be totally save?
    Get rly good angles on the enemy team?
    Counter a specific Lancer (Helio)?

    The posibilitys are endless! (Not really endless cause I could totally do a math formular to see how many variations there actually are but maybe someone of you wanna do it so i can focus on writing the guide? )

    So the first step to creating your individuell Team Opening is to visualize what you want your style to look like.

    How to use a Opening?

    Well this is rather easy you follow the steps you predefined turn for turn. But always remember there can be things that influence your openings (a enemy frontliner running up and getting vision on you, enemy team has a trap guy)! That was rather short so on to the next and most exiting part of the Guide!

    How to create YOUR Opening!

    So now that we know what a Opening is, that there are different variation and how many turns we need we can start! So I'm someone who absolutly hates theory (strange right?), I want some down to earth examples that show me exactly how it works so I can understand it! Not this formular and around the bush talking. So no less for you guys! I convinced team Trash to let me use our most famous Opening the "Italian" to demonstrate how we created it and what the thought progress behind it was.

    The Italian Opening

    Whats that name?

    So lets talk history! No not really don't worry. I was a chess player as a child and the only Opening I remember is the Italian one and as soon as we needed a name I suggested that and everybody loved it
    (no clue why \_(ツ)_/ )! So I feel like that was sth a lot of people were wondering about so onward to the next step!

    Reasons behind creating the Opening:

    We realised pretty early that if we had a bad game it was going downhill from the start. Someone ending up in a suboptimal spot, being to close to each other, lining up for a pierce shot. So I suggested that we create a set in stone order of movements to give us a good start and remove those hickups.

    Thought Progress:
    So first we talked about what we wanted our Opening to accomplish:

    1.) Give as much Vision as possible on turn 2: at the time we felt that our decision making and freestyle was our strongest weapon so we wanted to initiate a fight as soon as possible to put that to good use.
    2.) Be in rly good shooting spots for a engagement on turn 2: Good Angles, cover all the stuff. One thing that we realised at this point was that you need to adjust your Openings for different Lancers. For example a good spot for Nix might not be the best spot for Lockwood or Gremolition INC. So instead of defining exact spots for such lancers we assigned them more like a zone. Bottom right corner in 1 of those 9 squares sth like that.
    3.) Give us good movement for turn 3 if we can't see anybody on turn 2 to get even more vision and rly narrow down where the enemy team could be.

    Next we found us a free 3rd Party Programm in which we could load a picture (map and lancer icons) to play around with everybody at the same time. Just google group whiteboard and you'll find sth.

    The next step was to get a decent idea of what our teamcomp is gonna look like. We had a lot of draft strategies (about I'll probably write a guide in the future) so we knew our setups would look like this. 1 Frontliner (Asana/Rask) + 1 Support (Quark/Fin) + Firepower: 1 Ranged (Nix, Grey, Grem) + 1 Midrange Firepower (Lockwood, Celest). So that was our starting point. Then we just threw ideas in the room. Everybody knew the general good spots of maps and the specific ones for their lancers. So talk and combine the knowledge you posses to create something greater! Okay this is not very specific so I got something for you guys I'm gonna go through our Italian Opening on Cloudspire step by step and explain everything! Since your lancer position are random (kinda) you need 2 variations of the Openings one left side and one right side, since not every position can be reached from every starting point. So im just gonna go over one Side lets start this!

    For the second turn we decided to be as safe as possible (to not get hit by a random shot cause that can screw up your early game a lot. While focusing on sprinting to good spots on the second turn. Exceptions to this rule is Celest which needs to be in a position to pick up the might.

    For this Example Opening I'm gonna go with Rask, Aurora, Lockwood, Grey:

    So since our Frontliner is on the far right that restricts our possibility to send him to the left side which leads to us sending him right.

    With this piece of Information in our mind we want to send Greys Drone as far to the left enemy side as possible to create maximum vision coverage.

    The general idea was to stick together while being as far away from each other as possible to reduce colleteral damage.

    After the first turn the situation looks like that:

    Ok what happened. Grey moved directly up in the camoflage spot which is so close no one will be able to spot her going into that so she's save and has the perfect Drone spot. So we found this spot through backtracking started with were we wanted the drone. Which Positions allowed that Drone and compared them.
    The spot also keeps in mind that Grey wants to get close to the team again to be able to support and get support of the team. So going to the right side cover allows just that and its a great spot in itself.

    Lockwoods spot allowed him to shoot the might if someone took it or alternativly throw a decent trap which if not triggered might allow Rask to throw someone through it next turn.
    His movement got him pretty close into the fight which allows him a good aoe attack. Since he is a pretty slippery lancers you want the enemy team focusing on him instead of Grey and Aurora.

    Rask is sprinting up to get in a really good Vision spot also taking a peak in the camoflage spot and allowing him to maybe knock a few people back. His first movement was also created through backtracking. Location the spot we wanted him to be in turn 3 and figuring out where he could safetly stand on turn 2 to get there.

    Auroras movement gave her total safety and allows her to get onto the heal orb spot in which she can support whoever of the team needs it.

    This leaves us with:

    Which is a rly good position giving us a lot of Vision, cover spots to stand in and some rly good angles for attacks.

    This might seem simple in hindsight but we discussed multiple hours befor ending at this opening and added to it over time. Nothing is perfect on the first try and don't be afraid to revisit your decisions and improve them for the future.

    End Statement:

    So yeah I hope you enjoyed this Guide and that it was interesting to read! I realize that this might not be helpful for the average Player but I still think it's important to know about Openings and create your own to get a better understanding of Atlas Reactor and what it's all about. Sadly I haven't had to much time latley which ended in me not being able to stream. Since thats the case I wanted to focus a bit more on writing Guides! So if you got a idea or want to hear about something special just write it down right here and I'll see what I can do. Until next time!
    #NerfAsana #NerfGrey Trash

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    Thanks for such an informative and clear guide as always Wolle, cheers also for putting it on Reddit

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    Could you share your actual gameplay experience (examples maybe) with this opening or your openings in general? Does it always work as you intended? How often you adjust your opening on the fly? What usually causes it? Your subjective opinion on how it is actually effective (i mean do you usually get the advantage you wanted to get)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxter View Post
    Could you share your actual gameplay experience (examples maybe) with this opening or your openings in general? Does it always work as you intended? How often you adjust your opening on the fly? What usually causes it? Your subjective opinion on how it is actually effective (i mean do you usually get the advantage you wanted to get)?
    To be honest this specific opening worked always as intended we had a few different hickups after people actually found out we were doing this in the second season but overall it was really helpfull. There is very little that can influence your second turn, to be honest only if you see someone (which if you position yourself save to avoid contact is unlikely). For examples you can actually just watch the prepphase league and we will almost do this opening on cloudspire. In my opinionen it perfectly did what it was created to do; be in a save position and get a lot of vision while having the option to support everyone of your team whoever you are :P
    #NerfAsana #NerfGrey Trash

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