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Thread: Snod (And Bella) The Gremlin Ranger

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    Snod (And Bella) The Gremlin Ranger

    Name: Snod (And Bella)

    Role: Firepower/Support

    Snod is a lanky Gremlin with a big revolver Crossbow and a robotic bird that can harass foes from anywhere on the map. He relies heavily on good positioning as he has few options for escapes, if left unchecked he will wittle away your team little by little with his LOS'less bird companion, Bella. He rewards careful positioning and patience, if you play right you may not contribute the most to a fight as far as big numbers but you can widdle down opposing firepower lancers with over time, undodgeable damage.

    Primary (1) (Blast): Revolver Bolts- Long range line or cone
    •Shoots multiple bolts in either a wide cone or in a condensed volley, each bolt (of 6) does low damage but can be focused for high damage.

    2 (Prep (Free)): "Harass Em'"•Targeted-Short Cd
    •Snod sends Bella to harass a visible opponent anywhere on the map, dealing low damage (until the end of next blast phase) and blinding them (also until the end of next blast phase) Blind makes the map go dark except for a small area around the target. Snod becomes unburdened without Bella resting on his shoulder and gains haste until she returns. Any abilities that also require Bella will end Harass Em.

    3 (Blast): "Not Today"•Line- Medium-long Cd
    •Snod shoots one massive projectile that launches him backwards and the first opponent hit away from him (both for a medium distance) and dealing medium damage. If the opponent collides with a wall they take another hit of medium damage.

    4 (Prep): "Air Drop"•Targeted- Long Cd
    •Snod sends his bird to heal himself or an ally for a large amount of health, they receive half the healing right away and the other half over two turns. Does not require los and has very long range.

    Ult (Blast): "Sick Em!"•Targeted
    •Snod sends Bella to assault anyone revealed on the map for large damage and resets the CD of Harass Em'.

    Primary Mods:•"Hyper Bolts"- 1 - Gain an extra small amount of energy per enemy hit
    •"Tracking"-3-Snods basic attacks track and reveal enemies, lowering the base damage by a small amount but increasing Bellas damage.
    •"Focused Bolts"- 3 - When shooting one target deal increased damage with each bolt.
    Icy Bolt- 2- Slows enemies hit at a reduction to damage per bolt.

    2 Mods:•"Stamina"- 3 - Bella harasses and blinds for an extra turn at the cost of damage per turn
    •"Bring it Back"- 3 - Balla heals Snod upon returning for half the damage dealt.
    •"See You"- 2 - Bella reveals anyone she harasses
    "Razor Claws" -2 - Bella also slows the enemy

    3 Mods:•"Uncontrolled Shot"- 2 - Increases Knockback
    •"Braced"- 2 - Doesn't Knock back Snod
    •"Get Away!"- 3 - Pierces and Knockbacks all enemies in the line at the cost of reduced damage
    "Nice!" - 1 - Double energy gain on wall hit

    4 Mods:•"Saved"- 3 - Heals for the full amount right away if the target is below a threshold of health
    •"Set Up"- 2 - Also grants haste and might
    •"Don't Go"- 2 - Shields each turn a heal is received for half the heal amount
    "Cant Stop Me"- 1 - Gains unstoppable

    Ult Mods:•"Bird of Prey"- 3 - Deals extra damage if the enemy is below a threshold of HP.
    •"Focused"- 2 - Now requires LOS but increases damage by a medium amount
    •"Big Bird"- 3 - Also assaults enemies around your initial target at a significant cost of damage per opponent hit
    "Drat!"- 1 - If Bella misses a % of energy is refunded.


    Snod is a lanky Gremlin with a really big Bow gun and a trusty companion, his robotic Hawk Bella. He is bald and dressed in grungy clothing with a scarf and welding goggles. Bella looks very elegant with a lot of bright colors in contrast. I think they would probably be aligned with Warbotics or maybe unaligned, not sure yet. I know they probably dislike Elle and compete with Celeste when it comes to stealing. Snod is a loose cannon who just likes causing mayhem and mischief. He would probably be friends with Zuki.

    Any and all criticism or positive feedback is highly welcomed! I made this character because I think it would suit my playstyle and it seemed unique to me, kind of like a Nix counter while also being a lot like Nix.

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    Hello Sunfiresamurai, first I must say this is a tactical concept for a freelancer that almost has you control two minds with the condition of one player. I like the fitting of Snod being in competition with Celeste because the best motivation is a rival and the attitude of a loose cannon really contrasts Celeste. I can tell by your mods of each ability proves you experienced many situations Atlas Reactor has to offer which inevitably makes you more specific in what situation would need what kind of buff.

    My only mystery is what kind of damage are you taling about when you say 'Heavy' for Snod's ultimate "Sick Em"? And if all enemies revealed are damaged the damage surely can't be too high, possibly Bella prioritizes the ones with the lowest health and will deal additional damage if their health is below 50%? Just a matter of balancing to be honest.

    Otherwise this is a great creation and would like to see him become an addition to the roster of Atlas Reactor (And it does not have to do with anything about my dog being named Bella). Please do remain active because only with constant concepts can we see on of our innovations pass through to development.

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