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Thread: TAB menu coolddown display not updating for enemy catalysts

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    TAB menu coolddown display not updating for enemy catalysts

    Currently, in order to see which catalysts your enemy has available in the TAB menu (the one that displays mods and such,) you need to meet two conditions:
    1) You must have seen the enemy; if a catalyst is used in fog-of-war it won't update. This is fine.
    2) You MUST press ALT (or the equivalent key if bound to something other than default) to manually view the foe's cooldowns while the enemy is in sight. This is nonsense.
    When I check the TAB menu to check which catalysts are available to my foes, it's usually because they're NOT in sight. If I could press ALT to get that info at that point, I would, but I can't. I don't want to be punished this turn for not pressing ALT in some previous turn.

    Solution: Available catalysts should update WHENEVER the foe is in sight, not just when you press ALT.

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    I have the same bug, please fix soon as this should not be a feature as it is not a skill-testing memory test, thanks.

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