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Thread: What I would do if I was patchlord of Atlas.

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    What I would do if I was patchlord of Atlas.

    Basically, this thread is imaginary patch notes of what YOU would do if YOU were the guy/gal making all the calls. Make your own, or comment on someone else's!

    • Lockwood: Trick shot bounces no longer increase total range.
    • Celeste: Proximo Charge damage reduced to 20.
    • Elle: May now move two tiles during Move Phase after using Combat Reflexes. (3 with haste, 1 with slow.)
    • Asana: Rebounding Charge: Vault mod now deals 20 damage to the secondary target, down from 25.
    • Garrison: Hand Cannon range increased from 5 to 6.
    • Garrison: Piston Punch now deals 28 to the primary target, up from 26.
    • Rampart: Bulwark now blocks any dash that moves along the ground. (If the freelancer blocked in this way would have used an aimed shot after dashing, they attempt to fire at the same mouse location used to aim. They are considered to have been afflicted with "knockback" for the purpose of completing any additional movement.)
    • Titus: Berserker Charge now auto-follows a struck foe.
    • Titus: Overhead Slam center damage increased to 28, up from 26.
    • Aurora: Healing Flare energy gain changed from 12 to 10+2 per enemy hit.
    • Helio: Energy gain for Blast Shield reduced from 8 to 6.
    • Orion: Reworked how Shards function. See below.
    • Su-ren: Shifting Winds landing radius reduced to 1 tile. New two-point mod "Free as the River" restores this to 2 tiles.

    • Orion now gains energy as a normal Freelancer, when using his skills. Shards are now independent of energy.
    • Energy gain per skill is as follows: 8 per enemy hit for Empyreal Ruin. 50% of damaged absorbed through Fate Transfer. 6 per enemy hit with Quantum Core. 10 on use for Astral Fusion.
    • Orion no longer has passive energy gain upon taking damage. Instead, he generates a shard for each 50 damage he takes. These are displayed graphically on his model, but also as colored hatches over his health bar. This bar also displays how long it will take to gain the next shard.
    • Orion also gains an effective five "points" towards his shards each turn, as if he had taken damage (but without losing HP.)
    • Orion no longer loses energy on death. He now loses all shards on death.
    • Orion no longer loses shards when using his ultimate. Instead, his ultimate gains an additional 2 healing and damage for each shard possessed.
    • The maximum number of shards is still five.
    • When Orion is at full health, Empyreal Ruin will automatically sacrifice five of his HP to deal an extra five damage to all targets hit.

    • The TAB menu now correctly displays catalyst cooldowns for all enemies in vision, without the need to press ALT to force an update.

    ((I might also have changed some Rampart mods, but that's a bit specific for the average player, and I've already outlined that in other threads.))

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    I like how Orion is at the moment, but in my opinion he really lacks usefull mod's for his basic attacks, so here 2 suggestions:

    Reversal Energy (instead Devour Energy)
    2 points
    Gain 5 energy per hit. Plus 1 damage center and other. -1 damage per shard.

    Mental Torture (instead Empyreal Destruction)
    3 points
    Targets in the center are weakend until end of next turn. Center damage is reduced by 6.
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