New Freelancer: Quark

* Quark is now playable!
* From the moment Quark erupted from the Reactor, this supercharged oddity of crystallized light was ready for playtime. Imbued with all the Reactor’s powers, Quark beams with energy, forming bonds that can heal allies or irradiate enemies.

* Fixes for a variety of exceptions
* The Auto Camera will now frame the entire AoE or path of the Dash, even if all the characters are bunched up and visible.
* If submitting feedback fails, the feedback typed in will not be cleared, so that it can easily be resubmitted.
* Fixed a variety of bugs with reconnecting. It should work much better now!

* Fixed an issue where the loading screen would disappear and then reappear
* Game Results screen now properly animates the XP bars
* Fixed an issue where you could not select Freelancers for bots in custom games
* Fixed a variety of cases where damage and energy preview numbers were displaying incorrectly
* Fixed an issue where the HUD at start of a match briefly flashed irrelevant information
* Bots no longer have "Bot" attached to the end of their name.
* General tooltip text polish and updates
* The chat box now displays where you'll be chatting to and keeps you in whatever chats you were in before, like group and whispers (except if you were in the default chats to begin with).
* Increased readability on a number of items

* Sprint movement range is now not shown in decision mode until you move your cursor into that range
* Fixed an issue where Zuki’s rocket jump was sometimes not doing damage
* Fixed Rask’s self-heal vfx showing in fog of war
* Zuki bots now use their ultimate ability correctly.
* Energize now grants 100% energy increase instead of 50% energy increase.
* All characters now have knockdown animations to better show when they are affected by knockback
* Renamed Empowered to Might and Weakness to Weak. Added info to the tooltips to indicate they cancel each other out. Renamed Snared to Slow and Hasted to Haste. Added info to the tooltips to indicate they cancel each other out. Renamed Silence to Scramble. Renamed Armored to Tough.