Name: Sorka

Role: Firepower

Description: Many people can hack computers. But hacking life? Not so much. Maybe she is the only one who are capable to do such thing. Once she glanced into the reactor - and things she saw there changed her forever. Now she knows the code of the universe and sometimes can even edit it. A little insanity is a very small cost for such powers.

Appearance: Short and thin girl with a very cute face, but her eyes are always looking at something beyound. She has a very, very long white hair and white eyebrows (but that can be changed with skins). Dressing could be discusses, but it must be something not really looking like protective suits, just a casual clothes. Maybe shorts and top. Maybe some kind of pijama. Maybe even a complicated outfit. Something that not really fits battlefield. On her right hand she wears a small keyboard - it's her weapon, she inputs command there, and things happen. Just like that.

Personality: Very calm and friendly, has a soft cute voice (like Sunny from Evolve). Everything in this reality is not important for her, so she behaves on battlefield like she is playing a game, and sometimes being distracted from the real events, lost in her thoughts.

Primary (1) (Blast): "Interference"

type of targeter - circular, ability looks like blast of statics you can see on tv when it catches no signal

description - create a blast of the unknown energy that damages all enemies hit

2 (prep): "Trojan"

type of targeter - enemy or ally direct targeting, range - limited only by visible characters

description - attaches a worm to the ally or enemy. If enemy is buffed, healed, shielded (etc), or ally damaged or debuffed - it triggers, scrambling and damaging sourse of the action.

This is an invisible action, that have animation of deploying, but there should be no signs on the victim. Enemy should never know if Trojan attached to one of them, or one of your team.
If it does not triggered in 2 turns - it disapears.

You think you are safe, standing far away and just giving shield to your ally? Think again!

3 (prep): "Copypaste"

type of targeter - self

description - turns invisible till the end of next turn and creates copy that walks away from place where you were standing to anywhere in the map. In blast phase of the next turn copy explodes, dealing damage.

There is no animation on this ability at all. It's a total surprise. Is Sorka still here, or it's already a clone, ready to explode? That will be a fresh type of escape, the one you must use not in the turn when things go bad, but 1 turn before that.


3 (dash): "Copypaste"

type of targeter - target locations

description - blinks to the target location, whie also creating a clone in another target location. Clone explodes in next turn blast phase.

There is no visual difference between clone and real Sorka, and they both appear at same time.


3 (dash): "Swap"

type of targeter - enemies

description - changes position with the enemy. enemy are scrabled for the next turn.

description (alternate) - changes position with the enemy. enemy recieving halved friendly fire for the next turn

4 (blast): "Rift"

type of targeter - two very long lines, can bounce off the walls as long as their length is enough for that

description - creating a rift in matter, that summons 2 blasts of energy that piercing all enemies hit

Each blast can be targeted seperatly, like Greys double dart or Celeste's grapples.

Ult (prep): "Rollback" (free action)

type of targeter - enemy or ally direct targeting

description - causing freelancer to return his hp to the amount he had at the start of previous turn.

description (alternate) - placing a buff on ally or (and?) enemy. at the end of this turn allies restoring health lost, and enemies losing health gained.

Yes, she can be a bit supportive, like some other firepowers. Ulti can either heal ally who took damage or damage enemy who had the heals.
You, version 0.03! (c)


Ult (prep): "Uplink"

type of targeter - enemy direct targeting

description - attaching herserlf to the enemy, transferring all damage taken in this turn to him.


Free action.

type of targeter - ally direct targeting

description - attaching herserlf to the ally. for this and next 2 turns all damage done by Sorka and ally are slightly amplified, and healing one of them recieves also recieved by the other.

Yes, Helio is crazy about her.

And yes, i don't put damage numbers because it's up to dev's anyway. But i can think about mods if main concept will be liked.