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    Unlike some other games like Lol I have never seen this be to big of a problem yet and I have been playing since alpha. Basically if you are getting steam rolled that badly the game is going to be over in a few minutes anyway. For the game to drag out for any period of time it means the game had to have been close regardless of the score.

    Given that most matches end in a final victory or defeat before other games even give you the option to surrender I am not really seeing this as a huge issue.

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    This game is so focused on positioning.
    I would say that it's focused on prediting enemy positioning more, but...
    It's mainly focused on healing pickups. If you can just pick them up once your hurt - you tank more damage. If you can use dash or speed to run away from the battle after taking a lot of damage to heal up back again - you making enemy efforts useles, while they keeping damage dealt by you and your team. That's why characters with escapes and abilities that can deny enemies from heals (pushing, etc) are the best. And also that is why

    lack of snowballing in this game
    Are not actually true. If your team getting wiped, and while you respawn (that now takes 2 turns thanks to new spawn system) enemy team will not only benefit from finishing rest of your team while dead members can't help them, but they also get all the health pick-ups. So they killed you or your allies who are left alone, and also healed (for example, because you can't prevent them from doing that without help of dead teammates) to full hp. And one of the map have 4 healing spots, that's more then enough to heal whole team. So, it's just like the start of the game, but enemy already have kill points... How that's not a snowball?

    Not knowing about this was expected from a player, but it's weird that developer is not aware of the metagame. More heal pickups spawn on the map - the lesse is possibility to make a comeback.

    p.s. I am not even mentioned situation where you have stupid teammates who just letting enemies take all heals for free, or even pushing them closer, helping them get those heals, or ignoring spawned heals, giving enemy opportunity to take them instead of denying asap. In this situations even people with real lack of prediction skills like oblivion doll should realize that they ain't winning the game where opponent's have double the hp because your team not yet realized how to play.

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    When I see a team wipe coming, I spread out. I make sure that if my team is about to be weakened, that I'm not there for them to turn their focus to. It's an easily avoidable situation. So no inherent snowball effect there. That would be snowball caused by players, not the system itself. Also if your team is spread out, and avoid attacks well while half are dead, the enemy team doesn't gain energy, much like your dead teammates' lack of energy gain while dead.

    I look for snowballing in regards to inherent system reasons, not player driven reasons. More experienced players will not assist in the snowballing effect.

    Spawning = pickup thieves. There is an entire strategy to where you spawn and what your movement is on the next turn. I often steal HP pickups, even though I'm at full health. If the enemy are splitting to the sides of the map, all towards different HPs, and you spawn in at full hp, you're very likely to pressure them away, or even kill them, evening the situation out.

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    When I see a team wipe coming, I spread out.
    Maybe you do. But other players do not.
    Also, i would look how you spread out on characters without escapes, when you being directly chased by followed movement, and other enemies just cut off all escape paths.

    And i do steal pickups too. But my team does not. Even if i tell them to do that. And ping there 5 times. God, they sometimes not doing that even if they stand right next to it.

    Also, this is a common situation that occurs almost every day:

    2 bots in team from the start, 1 more follows several turns after screen is taken.

    At least let us leave games without penalty if there is a bot in team for several turns... i don't think that there is many players out there who is so bad that they can lose to team with bot. Outcome here is more then certain.

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    I think a surrender option would be a bad idea. I think the game is designed in a way that you can always shift the situation. Turns out the defeat or victory is usually decided in the very last turns. It is very hard to keep the lead on the board most of the time. Besides, when do you actually plan to start a surrender vote? Games last maximum 20 min, it is super short.

    We all know what surrender can do to a game. Some players may decide to give up for no good reasons (and we all know that this one person can destroy a game trying to force his mate to surrender). I think of all the beginners that may not have the chance to understand that nothing is decided before the last turns. It would introduce a mindset that's not consistent with the game design.

    There's no levels and no items so there's no way to snowball a game.

    Also, you've to understand that when you soloQ, you don't necessarily end up with with players of your level. So, you'd better accept the situation and train to make the best of any type of situation.

    However, It would not be a bad idea when a player is controlled by a bot for several turns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffy View Post
    Well, i thought that people who like to hummiliate opponents, and also people who aren't good enough in the game to predict outcome with high certainty will be against it.

    Still your arguments are silly. If i see no way to win - i just alt-tab and do something else before game will be finished, because if i play it - my team still will lose, so why bother? Forbidding me to surrender won't force me to play games i can't win.
    In ranked u cant alt tab or u wont be able to play anymore for 24 hours. In normal game u can do it but u can report leavers ( unless there is the issue connection message ). And i understand now why u want a surrender button, your mentality is so low. Why the hell u play a competitive game if u cant take a lose with respect? U re like those bronze players in League of Legends who start to troll cuz they think they cant win once the other team got some kills. So pathetic ....
    In every moba u can surrender only past the 20 first mn and on AT the game ends most of the time faster than those 20 mn. So there s no need at all to have a surrender button. If u cant afford this, just dont play and try an another game.

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    Didn't read 4 pages of responses but I also would say no to this, even in the case of it being a PvP only option - especially because a lot of good learning goes on in PvP matches. If you take away playtime when people could be improving their game, you're really only hurting the game as a whole. You won't have good players for higher ranked games, which will lead your higher ranked players to become frustrated with both their teammates and opponents and they'll just find something else to do with their time.

    So, no, I don't think a surrender option is a good idea in the case of this game.

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    This thread really does need to be locked guys the topic has really just turned into a pile of much and replying to it is only fueling the fire.

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    My 2 cents is not to allow surrender. I've played every day since official launch and it's rare that I've played a game that I didn't think we could make a comeback. Those games that did become one sided quicker than usual ended up only lasting 1 or two more rounds anyways.

    If there's a risk that we could encourage negative sportsman-like conduct, which I believe adding a surrender option wound most certainly do, I'm against it.

    We should be looking instead to making the game reward good play regardless of what round or whether you are winning or loosing. I'm not sure how game XP is doled out currently, but maybe reward players for damage/healing done and/or kills so that everyone feels they are not wasting their time even though they feel like they are in a unwinnable game.

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