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Thread: The Poison Fang

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    The Poison Fang

    Name: The Poison Fang
    Role: Firepower
    Difficulty: Medium

    The Poison Fang would be an Evo monstrosity based on the evolution of a poisonous snake, or a snakeman with an oversized head.

    The Poison Fang is a poison based character. Poison deals damage over time during the blast phase. As a melee firepower, he has quite good mobility, but unlike Pup or Kaigin, doesn't rely much on invisibility. As he uses poison, he ideally targets opponents with good life pool, and as such is not a finisher. Many of his mods and abilities affect target healing.
    In the abilities, I won't use fancy names, but clear ones, to avoid misunderstanding.

    Primary (1) (Blast): "Poisonous bite"
    type of targeter: Small line
    description: Dash to the target and bite him for low damage, poisoning him for 2 turns for 10 damage. Allow normal movement.

    2 (Blast): "Poison spit"
    type of targeter: medium range cone
    cooldown; 4 turns
    description: Spit poison at enemies, damaging them for low damage and poisoning them for 1 turn for 10 damage.

    3 (Prep): "Poison potency"
    type of targeter: A visible poisoned enemy, long range.
    cooldown: 3 turns
    free action
    description: Increase the potency of the poison running in an enemy veins, weakening him for 1 turn and increase the poison duration by one turn.

    4 (Blast): "Poison cloud"
    type of targeter: circle area centered on the Poison Fang
    cooldown: 4 turns
    description: Release a cloud of poison that damages enemies for low damage and reduce enemy visibility.

    Ult (Blast): "Your blood is my blood"
    type of targeter: A poisoned enemy, long range (can't be evaded through dashes).
    description: Sucks the life out of his victim, inflicting heavy damage and gaining as many hit points. During next turn, all healing made on the target also affect the Poison Fang.

    Primary Mods:
    "Stable poison"- 3 - Increase the poison duration by one turn
    "Big maw"- 2 - Slightly increase primary damage if the victim is already poisoned
    "Weakening poison"- 3 - The target is also weakened for one round
    "Adrenaline rush"- 1 - You gain haste for the turn
    "Quick death"- 2 - Reduce poison duration to 1 round but increase greatly its damage per round (x3)

    2 Mods:
    "Fluorescent poison"- 1 - Targets are revealed until end of turn
    "First blood"- 2 - Increase damage on non poisoned enemies
    "Double edged poison"- 3 - Slightly heal allies in the area of effect

    3 Mods:
    "Blinding poison"- 1 - Target is blind for one turn (does not provide vision unless enemy is at melee range)
    "Slowing poison"- 3 - Target is slowed for one turn
    "Screams of pain"- 1 - If you only have one enemy poisoned, you don't need to see him to use Poison potency. Reveals the enemy for one turn.
    "Uncurable poison"- 3 - Cancel all healings the enemy will receive for the turn
    "Activated poison"- 2 - Inflict 20 more damage to the target and remove the poison

    4 Mods:
    "Poisoned den"- 2 - Heals you slightly
    "Persistant cloud"- 3 - Increase the duration of the cloud by 1 turn
    "One with the mist"- 1 - You are invisible until the end of the turn
    "Breath the poison"- 2 - Enemies who end up their turn inside the cloud are also poisoned for 2 turns

    Ult Mods:
    "You are my prey"- 3 - Teleport yourself next to the target at the end of the turn
    "Engaging technique"- 2 - Inflict more damage if the target was at more than 50% health
    "You can't heal"- 2 - Cancel all healing running on the target
    "Protecting the beast"- 1 - You also gain a low shield for 2 turns

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    This is a great concept SuperBidi, the way you described 'The Poison Fang' gave me an image of the character Pendles from Battleborn and if possible do please give him a name. Just having a title for the character makes me feel like I am playing Dota 2 which is personally inferior. I do like the tactical fight with poison instead of direct attacks which adds a layer of difficulty to the character that would most probably attract the more experience players of Atlas Reactor.

    I do hope to see more concepts from you and remember to stay active because the community needs the thread to grow.

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