Name: Piezo, the Circuit Breaker (illustration included)

Role: Firepower

Current Trust: Warbotics
Skills: Whip cracking and lighting up dark places
Known for: Static handshakes
Favorite Band: AC/DC

(1)(Blast): Watt Whip (no cooldown)
-Straight line, medium distance, high damage
-Piezo cracks his whip in a targeted area dealing damage to all enemies hit

(2)(Blast): Right-Hand Rule (2 turn cooldown)
-Area of effect, short distance in front and behind, medium damage, larger width than Watt Whip
-Piezo cracks his whip repeatedly in front and behind him dealing damage to all enemies hit

(3)(Dash): Ion Out of Here (5 turn cooldown)
-Straight line, long distance, no damage
-Piezo fires his hook from his left hand toward a wall and pulls himself to it
-Will grab buffs if passed over
-Will be damaged by traps if passed over
-Wall size must be non-climbable by freelancers

(4)(Prep): Ground Circuit (3 turn cooldown, free ability)
-Self buff, adjacent enemies, low damage, lasts until end of next decision phase
-Piezo charges electricity through his body zapping all enemies that he passes through or that pass through him.

(Ult)(Blast): Ohm Gee
-Straight line, long distance, high damage, knock back 1 space, ignores cover
-Piezo inserts his whip into his left hand to empower it in size slamming it to the ground in a straight line damaging all enemies hit
-Will ignore cover, will not shoot through walls

1 Mods:
Cost 1-Increase distance by 1
Cost 2-Increase damage at the end 25% of the range
Cost 2-If only one target is hit, they are revealed for one turn
Cost 3-If you are below 50% health deal 5 additional damage

2 Mods:
Cost 3-Increase damage by small amount for each additional enemy hit
Cost 1-Increase energy gained per enemy hit
Cost 2-Gain low health for each enemy hit
Cost 2-Slow enemies

3 Mods:
Cost 3-Can target allies
Cost 2-Gain might until end of next decision phase
Cost 1-Gain low shield
Cost 2-Range increased by small amount

4 Mods:
Cost 2-Increase damage on the turn used, reduces damage second turn
Cost 2-Allies adjacent/passed through will gain low shield
Cost 1-Gain unstoppable
Cost 3-Can buff allies, no longer free action, line of sight not needed, medium range

Ult Mods:
Cost 1-Reveal enemies hit for 1 turn
Cost 2-Gain low amount of health per enemy hit
Cost 3-Reduces all active cooldowns by 1
Cost 2-Increase damage by low amount

Assumptions made:
Low damage/shield = 1-15
Medium damage/shield = 16-30
High damage/shield = 31+

Short distance = 0-2
Medium distance = 3-5
Long distance = 6+

Additional information:
Hyperlinks for videos within this post are not my own, but for reference on helping to visualize character animation.