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Thread: Piezo, the Circuit Breaker

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    Piezo, the Circuit Breaker (illustration included)

    Name: Piezo, the Circuit Breaker (illustration included)

    Role: Firepower

    Current Trust: Warbotics
    Skills: Whip cracking and lighting up dark places
    Known for: Static handshakes
    Favorite Band: AC/DC

    (1)(Blast): Watt Whip (no cooldown)
    -Straight line, medium distance, high damage
    -Piezo cracks his whip in a targeted area dealing damage to all enemies hit

    (2)(Blast): Right-Hand Rule (2 turn cooldown)
    -Area of effect, short distance in front and behind, medium damage, larger width than Watt Whip
    -Piezo cracks his whip repeatedly in front and behind him dealing damage to all enemies hit

    (3)(Dash): Ion Out of Here (5 turn cooldown)
    -Straight line, long distance, no damage
    -Piezo fires his hook from his left hand toward a wall and pulls himself to it
    -Will grab buffs if passed over
    -Will be damaged by traps if passed over
    -Wall size must be non-climbable by freelancers

    (4)(Prep): Ground Circuit (3 turn cooldown, free ability)
    -Self buff, adjacent enemies, low damage, lasts until end of next decision phase
    -Piezo charges electricity through his body zapping all enemies that he passes through or that pass through him.

    (Ult)(Blast): Ohm Gee
    -Straight line, long distance, high damage, knock back 1 space, ignores cover
    -Piezo inserts his whip into his left hand to empower it in size slamming it to the ground in a straight line damaging all enemies hit
    -Will ignore cover, will not shoot through walls

    1 Mods:
    Cost 1-Increase distance by 1
    Cost 2-Increase damage at the end 25% of the range
    Cost 2-If only one target is hit, they are revealed for one turn
    Cost 3-If you are below 50% health deal 5 additional damage

    2 Mods:
    Cost 3-Increase damage by small amount for each additional enemy hit
    Cost 1-Increase energy gained per enemy hit
    Cost 2-Gain low health for each enemy hit
    Cost 2-Slow enemies

    3 Mods:
    Cost 3-Can target allies
    Cost 2-Gain might until end of next decision phase
    Cost 1-Gain low shield
    Cost 2-Range increased by small amount

    4 Mods:
    Cost 2-Increase damage on the turn used, reduces damage second turn
    Cost 2-Allies adjacent/passed through will gain low shield
    Cost 1-Gain unstoppable
    Cost 3-Can buff allies, no longer free action, line of sight not needed, medium range

    Ult Mods:
    Cost 1-Reveal enemies hit for 1 turn
    Cost 2-Gain low amount of health per enemy hit
    Cost 3-Reduces all active cooldowns by 1
    Cost 2-Increase damage by low amount

    Assumptions made:
    Low damage/shield = 1-15
    Medium damage/shield = 16-30
    High damage/shield = 31+

    Short distance = 0-2
    Medium distance = 3-5
    Long distance = 6+

    Additional information:
    Hyperlinks for videos within this post are not my own, but for reference on helping to visualize character animation.

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    Hello Arsinite, I must say what a clean and neat design with specific details to the freelancer's kit. This would surely be a great addition to the freelancer roster of Atlas Reactor and I had a good laugh at your puns, keep up the great work and hope to see more. Remember to stay active in the community, because it is always nice to see more fans sharing their ideas.

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    Glad you enjoyed the puns! I figured it fit the culture of the game with current ability names

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    Really cool idea with fairly balanced skills. I would say though no reason for his dash not to do damage, almost all dashes pretty much do atm or have some extra mechanic tied to them. Another thought is to give his aoe skill a shield linked to it (maybe 20-25) so he can use it without getting to nuked. Having short distant abilities when tied to a firepower can be dangerous if they dont have the health or other tools to get utilization out of it. Cool idea overall.

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    The idea of a shield added to the AoE seems more needed now that a few freelancers have been released since I had this idea. Also having the dash do damage doesn't seem like a bad idea, not sure how it would work though... AoE damage at landing spot? Thanks for the reply (sorry mine was so delayed)

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