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Thread: Henry, The R.C.P. Policeman

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    Henry, The R.C.P. Policeman

    Name: Henry, The R.C.P. Policeman

    Role: Frontline

    Description: He was a Policeman tasked with riot control, so he is alwas in company of his trusty Pasmaschield, taser and shocksword. He isn't good at killing people but he shure can take a punch or two.

    Primary (1) (Blast): "Shield n' Tase"
    Uses his taser to slow, weaken and do medium demage to an enemy within a medium rage by shooting a straight line. He creates a half Cover in the direction he's shooting in the prep phase.

    2 (Prep): "Pepperspray"
    Uses his good old Pepperspray to weaken and root all targets in a short, small cone. In a slightly bigger cone all enemys are weakend. Medium recharge and free action

    3 (Blast): "Shocksword"
    He uses his shocksword to do medium demage and weaken and root an enemy within a short range. Long recharge.

    4 (Dash): "Police! Stop!"
    Runs after an enemy or friend. Deals small demage to the enemy and roots him. Long recharge.

    Ult (Prep): "Backup"
    Spawns 8 Riot Control Policeman or R.C.P.s around him. They have very small ammounts of hp and are not Player controled. They run after the nearest visible Freelancer and use Shield 'n Tase against enemys. If you pin, they will run and shoot there. Their Shield 'n Tase ability does no demage but roots enemys. No weaken.

    Primary Mods:
    "Make them stumble"- 1- you can now weaken your enemy
    "More power"- 2 - you do 5 more demage
    "Crowd shocking"- 3- now all enemys within a 3 square radius to your target are slowed

    2 Mods:
    "Hotter pepper"- 2 - now the bigger cone roots your enemys too.
    "In the Eyes"- 3 - if you hit one enemy, youre invisible for this turn. Hit all enemys, your team is invisible for one turn.
    "Sadistic intentions"- 3 - for one hit enemy you gain might. for two hit enemys you gain might and energised. For three hit enemys you gain 10 hp and for four hit enemys you gain 30 hp

    3 Mods:
    "Shock lance"- 2 - longer range
    "Swipe"- 3 - now you have a cone and can hit more enemys
    "Less hard hit"- 1 - you do a slightly fewer ammount of demage but recharge is reduced by one turn

    4 Mods:
    "Youre arrested"- 5 - your target isnt allowed to do his blast ability anymore
    "Where are your friends?"- 2 - if demage dealt there is a fifty percent chance to cut the cooldown in half
    "Gotcha"- 3 - if enemy uses dash, you run to the place he dashed to, not dealing any demage or effects

    Ult Mods:
    "High quality troops"- 3 - reduce ammount of R.C.P.s to four but give them the original Shield 'n Tase with small demage
    "More troops"- 3 - double the R.C.P.s but now they weaken and slow the enemy. They still dont to demage.
    "I'm Special!"- 10 - Swap one R.C.P. for a Special R.C.P. he does small demage has four times the health of a regular R.C.P. and weakens and slows the enemy he hit.

    Likes: Puns, Jokes, bad puns, bad jokes, comedy
    Hates: the joker, riots
    He was just a regulair Policeman that minded his own business and sometimes did his job as R.C.P. when he became the head of the R.C.P. department however, he began to help the Party, he thought did the right thing. He belives in justice and help them in need. Or them in right…

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    Hey SargentOmega,

    I like you intake on the idea of a figure standing for security; protecting those who cannot do for themselves. But if I may, can I share my opinion on your fan creation, first what does R.C.P. stand for? (I have been out of the game for some time, so I may just not get it)

    First the overall kit is understandable and the idea of carrying the policeman kit is believable and I would very much like his semi-cover offered by his first ability, "Shield n' Tase". It is just that there is an unspoken rule for the vanilla first ability of every Freelancer cannot have a crowd control effect because then the mechanic would be abused by the community. I would understand why a taser would slow down an opponent but just to fit the balancing issue of the game it wouldn't do so.

    Second ability, "Pepper spray", since it is a 'Prep phase' ability it should not have crowd controls that would prevent the movement of enemies. But I do not understand why an ordinary pepper spray would root an enemy? Possibly start off with a 'Weaken' as a vanilla ability then with a mod replace 'Weaken' with 'Blind' to become more fitting of the weapon's purpose. I could see this working as Henry is described to be a 'Frontline' Freelancer.

    "Shocksword", an ordinary ability that could be a primary source of damage is okay. Not everything has to have a unique mechanic but again, I would not understand how this ability roots an enemy unless Henry specifically hits them at the legs to prevent them from escaping? Is it an arc ability or skillshot similar to Titus's "Overhead slam"? I would suggest working from a slow then modding it to become a root, that would seem more sensible or that could possibly just be me.

    "Police! Stop", I can appreciate this ability and would fit the playstyle of sticking to an enemy's face. I like the mods for this ability, you have thought of very specific situations at which this ability would strive the best. 'You're arrested', I think you should make it clear and say the targeted enemy becomes 'Silenced'.

    "Backup", this is a possible ultimate which can surely be done. I would think this ability would be more interesting if there was a variation in the spawns of the R.C.P. e.g. it would spawn 4 ordinary street R.C.P. and 4 sniper R.C.P. Or maybe you could mod the ability to make it spawn a riot squad of 8 armoured ballistic R.C.P. that have half-cover shields, etc. Just an idea I thought could improve your creation, I can understand if you think otherwise the creator knows best.

    Anyways great creation and hope to see more, we need more lively comments in these threads.

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