Role: Support
Difficulty: Advanced
Description: An inventor now becomes a field tester, ready with defensive creations.

Lore -
A right hand to Helio himself, well not really, maybe his sixth right hand personnel. A handywoman which would occasionally fix the machines and robots of Helio corp industry, she learnt the schematics of Helio's genius works but never could reach his level. Training, after training after a day of work she would invent new machines that would eventually come close to the Helio's genius. Casey soon stopped, lack of steam and encouragement, but Helio knew who she was and what she was doing. He, himself, gave the encouragement to Casey and educated her about what is missing in her invention. The shield drone and as a gift Helio gave her something he didn't know how to work, in a minute Casey got it working, although Helio was just playing the fool. Casey found her encouragement and demanded she was sent into field testing with a kind tone, Helio couldn't refuse and now he just hopes for her safety in her inventions.

Stats -
Moderate 150 HP

First ability - Pistol fury: Fire in a moderate cone of 15 degrees with dimensions of 1x1 to 2x3 (width x length), dealing 25 direct damage to each enemy caught in the ability. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase damage to 30 direct damage
2 cost mod: Increase radius of cone to 30 degrees
2 cost mod: Gain increased energy per enemy hit
2 cost mod: Enemies hit are 'Revealed'

Second ability - Got your back: You choose to act as a guardian for a chosen ally (only ally) during 'Prep phase' and if damaged by an enemy you will watch over their back dealing 20 indirect damage within a 8 block radius of yourself (or ally, not really sure about this). Casting range of an ally is 6 blocks away. (Ability cannot pierce walls)(Still able to shoot enemies that damage during 'Dash phase' if remain in range). (5 cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase casting range to 8 blocks away
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 24 indirect damage
2 cost mod: Enemies shot are damaged
3 cost mod: Targeted ally will gain a shield of 30 health

Third ability - Special AMP: You toss a special magazine filled with energy fused bullets in a skillshot path of 1x6 (width x length), if the ability hits an ally they will gain 'Might' for the turn. If the ability hits an enemy and they attack the same turn, the magazine will be a defect and explode on impact causing the enemy to receive 25 indirect damage. (4 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Increase skillshot range to 7 blocks
2 cost mod: Decrease cooldown by 2 turns if the ability misses
2 cost mod: If ally catches the ability, they will heal 20 health if they damaged somebody that turn
3 cost mod: Can cast ability through walls, ignores obstacles

Fourth ability - Shield generator: A shield drone digistructs from your back mount and you will hold them for one turn, not allowing you to attack the turn and giving yourself 'Carrier'. you are unable to run. Still allowing free movement and at the end of your destination, the next decision phase you will drop the shield drone which sends a wave of energy granting allies caught in the radius of 5 blocks to gain shield of 20 per turn, lasts two turns. (5 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Remove the 'Carrier' effect
2 cost mod: Gain 20 shield on use
2 cost mod: Increase initial shield burst to 30 (instead of 20)
2 cost mod: Shield generator will deal 15 indirect damage during 'Blast phase', then next turn deal 30 indirect damage during 'Blast phase'

Ultimate ability - Field cloak: The special invention passed on by Helio, a throwable piece of equipment that can cause a warp in vision cloaking each ally caught in the radius. Granting invisibility to each ally caught in the radius of the equipment, which has a 6 block radius and can be thrown on self or teammates, as long as they are in vision. (100 energy)(Prep phase)(Free)
1 cost mod: Grant 'Haste' as well to allies caught in radius
2 cost mod: No longer requires vision to be casted on allies
2 cost mod: Grant 10 shield to each ally affected
2 cost mod: Initial person targeted to be used as the source of the radius effect, is immune to being 'Revealed'

Design -
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years
Body build: Strong arms, plushy body type
Armour: Overalls (Straps are not hanging over shoulder, freely hanging), utility belt, magazine cache hanging from utility belt, heavy duty boots, left metal knee pad, bandages on hands (covered in a mixture of blood and grease), goggles on forehead (holding back hair), scarf around neck (hanging over both shoulder blades, right side is longer)
Weapon: A trusty semi-automatic firearm pistol, inspired by the Beretta M9 and shoulder mounted shield drone

Thanks for the fun on the community, but lately haven't been playing at all. I am done with Atlas Reactor now, met some great players and will cherish our moments.