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New Freelancer: Kaigin, the Warpstalker!
  • Kaigin is a deadly, elusive assassin armed with daggers, shuriken, and smoke bombs
  • Like Asana, Kaigin is believed to have been a subject of "Project Nidus," an Omni initiative focused on producing warriors capable of wielding weapons created by GAIA, the A.I. who built and maintained the Reactors. The nanite infusion he received from Nidus gave him the unique ability to warp through the Reactor's energy fields; however, it is also said to have rendered him sightless. Still, his deadly accuracy with both daggers and shuriken indicate that his lack of eyesight has not hindered him. It should be noted that his unexpected emergence as a "self-funded" Freelancer was met with heavily upgraded security in both the Reactor and at Omni-Plex. In particular, new devices were placed around the Reactor specifically to deter teleportation. While correlation does not imply causation, this "coincidence" has many citizens wondering why.
  • Please note: Kaigin will not be immediately available in Ranked matches

Win of the Day
  • Players will now get an additional 500 xp for their first win each day

  • Fixed an issue where players were disconnecting on match end
  • Fixed an exception that could occur when changing keybindings
  • Fixed an occasional inconsistency in Asana's Rebounding Charge between the preview path and destination and the final result
  • Fixed an issue with the Spectator Pen where it would erase drawings if the window was resized
  • You can now click on a match in your match history to see the scoreboard for that match
  • Damage preview numbers should now be properly adjusted when using Crit Shot or Soldier’s Adrenal Stim
  • Ranked Leaderboard should now highlight yourself in the list