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    I think the source of your problem originates from the lack of a large enough player base. If you reach a certain skill level you find yourself in the top 5% pretty fast (from a gaussian/elo ditstribution perspective). So in 95% you are playing with and against lower skilled players.

    Having watched a lot (actually all of them^^) of Wollelols VODs with you in voice i get the impression that you take those games versus/with worse players way too seriously. A helpful mindset would be to just play them for fun (or dont if you cannot enjoy them) and focus on tourneys like prepphase via scrims.
    4 man ranked should be a fun option for friends to play versus other 4man-teams. If 4man ranked comes out, teams like yours will stomp others 90% of the time. You spoke of a lacking goal and achievement for you in this game. If it gives you satisfaction to be #1 in the (4man)ranked, well go for it.
    For me this is a game i highly enjoy in my free time, like i do/did playing football (i refuse to call it soccer) or any other sports with friends. There is no real goal or achievement other then having fun together and improving his own skills.

    If you want to get (semi-)professional it's another story. You have to dedicate a lot to get there, which would be the equivalent to start streaming regularly and practising versus other dedicated teams, even if you are the best at a specific moment. Then your goal is to win every single tournement, not being #1 in some ladder.

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    This is fantastic feedback. I'll be sure to include it in my weekly report. Thank you for having an even keeled discussion.

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