Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: Forced to live, gritted down to bone and looks for death.

Lore -
Adam was an enlisted soldier for 4 years on the force and 2 years in medical training for military emergency service, before he had volunteered for the possible outcome of a product that could change war, little did he know how much it would cost him.
Evo-solution may show their experiments on animal testing but they didn't stay practical to those senses always, they used to hire hosts for a new vaccine and keep them under institutes for easy recording. Adam was apart of a new revival serum which would keep a soldier alive even after death, the trail never reached the market because the results are turned out negative besides...Adam. First it started with 10 hosts, 10 experiments to survive the serum but the different amounts of chemicals in each dose were always off and lead the patients to living agonizing deaths. But Adam lived the longest, and suffered the most; his response to the serum was nothing expected and was soon recorded dead after his lifespan of 2 months in the lab. Adam was recorded dead but he still walked, breathed through his broken lungs because of habit now and has been kept a secret until now. Adam regained control of his dazing body and broke out of the laboratory, landed in the fight of 'Freelancers' when someone offered him the chance to expose Evo-solution for their dirty secret.

Stats -
Moderately high 140 HP

First ability - Wild fire: Fire in a short arc of 120 degrees only a 3 block distance dealing 20 direct damage and than in a wide skillshot of 2x5 (width x length) dealing 20 direct damage, fire in that pattern dealing different amounts of damage, if one target is hit twice they will receive 30 direct damage. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Gain bonus energy for enemy hit
2 cost mod: Reduce 'Muscle memory' if an enemy is hit
2 cost mod: Increase damage done to same enemy hit twice to 40 direct damage
3 cost mod: Ignore cover

Second ability - Muscle memory: You will react to any damage you receive during 'Blast phase' by shooting them with your handgun holstered on to chest, you can only shoot the first enemy that damages you dealing 25 direct damage. (4 cooldown)(Free)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Enemies shot are revealed for the turn
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 30
2 cost mod: Ignore cover
3 cost mod: You will now shoot in a spray of the general direction of the person targeted by 'Muscle memory', reducing damage to 15

Third ability - Medic gauze: Stitching your wounds and physically drinking gauze to numb the pain for the turn and reducing incoming damage by 50%. (4 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Gain 'Might' for the turn
1 cost mod: Gain 'Haste' for the turn
2 cost mod: Effect lasts two turns
2 cost mod: Gain 20 shield for the turn

Fourth ability - Frankenstein's call: You are unable to die after using this ability, survive with at least 5 health and gain 'Unstoppable' for the turn. You will walk within space to an enemy or an ally if you clicked to walk for the turn. (6 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Heal 20 health next turn
2 cost mod: Change to a 'Free' ability
2 cost mod: Gain 30 shield on use
3 cost mod: Next turn, any enemy damaged will be 'Slowed' in addition

Ultimate ability - Hook and sinker: You will fling a harpoon into an enemy during 'Prep phase' and after a turn after a turn delay during 'Blast phase' you will pull them within two blocks distance of yourself, dealing 30 indirect damage and knocking down the enemy after reeling them in. Enemies cannot be targeted through walls and is a skillshot ability that has is 2x7 (width x length) dimensions. (100 energy)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: If nobody is hit, will refund 50 energy
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 35
2 cost mod: Gain 'Haste' if you hit an enemy
2 cost mod: Enemy hit will be 'Weak' for the turn

Design -
Gender: Male
Age: Died at age 24, somehow alive for 28 years
Body build: Ripped (Sewn on pre-muscled body parts)
Armour: Military fit gear, medic supply kit, ammunition stock belt, ammo pouches, chest pistol holster, armoured should pads with straps, bits of clothing are ripped to expose rotting flesh, doctor's stitches, face scar with large jaw stitches, staple gun (staples), helmet strapped to belt, knife protruding from calf,
Weapon: Machine gun, sidearm (inspired by M9 Beretta), bolo knife