Role: Firepower (hybrid Frontline)
Difficulty: Advanced
Description: A locomotive packed with heavy duty firearms

Lore -
After some brainstorming and innovation from other community posters, I thought why not create an unorthodox freelancer. Axel is a machine, but more so a vehicle with its own driving system. A by product of the Omni-trust corporation but was scraped. It was meant to be a transportation service that relied on the energy of the Atlas to produce its own tracks, the more and more money Helio put into it, it seemed more like a waste of finance. The machine worked but it kept failing after an hour of practice, the AI was not sufficient enough and so they scraped the creation. Warbotics bought his innovation and modified the AI to a war-simulant to become a 'War train essentially'. A large firepower on board a train was large threat but the limitation of not being able to move freely was a big pull back feature. Only one model was made and is still in the test works of today.

Stats -
Moderately high 170 HP

First ability - Cannon shot: The pilot cart of the train, the engine cart, has two cannons on each side. First select which side will be firing the ammunition then angle the skillshots of 2x5 (width x length), firing two separate projectiles but the skillshots can only arc 30 degrees in each direction limiting the firepower and relying on positioning. Each projectile deals 25 direct damage. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase range to 6 blocks
2 cost mod: Enemies hit are slowed for the turn
2 cost mod: Increase energy gained if an enemy is hit
3 cost mod: Increase rotation arc of each cannon to 90 degrees

Second ability - Move forward: You can only move in any direction if you activate this ability which digistructs a railroad track, you have default two charges which will allow movement of up to 5 blocks. (This ability is needed for you to move)(Free)(4 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Decrease cooldown to 3 turns
2 cost mod: Gain 20 shield on use
2 cost mod: Increase movement to 7 blocks
3 cost mod: Gain 'Immunity' to slows and stuns, etc for this turn

Third ability - Plowing machine: You will plow through anybody on your train tracks, any enemy hit will be slowed for the turn. You can use this ability to travel 6 spaces from original stance. Dealing 30 damage and then 20 to any following enemies. (4 cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase initial damage to 40
2 cost mod: Enemies hit are revealed
2 cost mod: Enemies hit are knocked back
2 cost mod: Increase energy gained per an enemy hit

Fourth ability - Air control: You will activate your anti-air guns to sense any movement and shoot them during their turn of movement. This is a cone ability that has a wide arc of 135 degrees and 6 block distance. To any enemy that moves during this turn either in 'Dash phase' or 'Blast phase' and remains in range will be shot, dealing 25 damage to each enemy. (5 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Increase arc width to 180 degrees
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 30
2 cost mod: Increase energy if an enemy is damaged
3 cost mod: Reduce cooldown per an enemy hit, max of 3 turn cooldown reduction meaning can be 2 cooldown turns

Ultimate ability - Machine thrive: Construct a coal cart for the train, increasing health capacity to 200. The additional cart will increase health pool by default and will be lost if your health reduces to 75%, losing the bonus. Having the coal cart will also provide shield on use equal to 30. (100 energy)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Increase shield health to 40
2 cost mod: With the additional cart active, you will constantly receive 10 shield health per turn of the duration. (Maximum cap is 40)
3 cost mod: While the additional cart is remained active, you will 'Haste' for the turn
3 cost mod: Increase additional health from cart to 40, increasing max health to 210

Design -
Gender: N/A
Age: 10 years (Judging by rust)
Body build: Mechanical, classical design
Armour: Engine cart, mounted with 4 40ml barrels, alloy armour plates, 3 steam exhaust pipes, primary choking smoke chimney, (just think of a train)
Weapon: 40ml barrels, AA mounted guns, plowhead/cowtipper