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Thread: Things to not do in AR

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    Things to not do in AR

    Hey guys it's me again your friendly powerup stealing Wollelol. So this time my Guide is gonna be a bit different. We're are gonna take a look at things to NOT do in Atlas Reactor. This might not be the smartes approach but there are a lot of things I see people do on are regular basis that are really bad and will hurt their performance in the long run. So without further ado here is the list!

    Lets start with something general before we dive into gameplay stuff. Mods! Obviously I'm not gonna talk about all mod choices and get into a big discussion but I'll have some good pointers to avoid taking rly bad mods.

    First of conditional Mods are most of the time rly bad. What do I mean by that? I'm talking mods that need another CD ability to be used the turn before or same turn. Reason being that they restrict your decision making if you want to use them or lose their effect. Lets talk a random example here: Juno has a mod on her shield that gives 10 extra shielding if you are ultimating. Seems good? Nope cause now you want to use your shield while your are using your ultimate instead of a good situation vice versa if your shield is on cd you might not wanna use your ultimate. So it restricts your choices or loses all effects as soon as you decide to ignore it. Which is not the thing you want as a mod, you want mods that give your more options or just flatout increase the strenght of your abilities.

    Next up are cd reduction effects if you miss your ability. Just don't, you're selling yourself short. If you use a ability with the intention to miss it you can spend your turn just way better. It's like training wheels sure you won't fall on the ground if you have them but at some point you have to cast them away and do stuff.

    Another tip that needs some investment on your side. Which is keep track of how effective the mods you are using actually are. For example on the release of Celeste I thought the pierce powerups mod is good. After playing it for a while I realized that it only takes effect < 1 per game! So no it wasn't useful and I realized that through actual playing and keeping track of the mod.

    Ok so this are some small tips about Mods lets take a look at stuff to not do in the actual game after a short sidenote.

    DON'T take Fade/Crit Shot
    Survival is everything in a game that goes to 5 kills and those 2 abilities just don't do that. Crit Shot does nothing for survivability and Fade just begs to have some more range than 2. Everybody who runs fade had the turn in which someone used it and still got hit and it was the worst. Shift might not always get you out of every sticky situation but if used correctly it at least allows you to not take damage the same turn you use it.
    Ok but now to gameplay!

    Lets get the broken record sounding one out of the window and plant it in the first position.

    DON'T go no cover!
    Yes I know there are reasons and why not your standing in no cover at that specific turn but you realize it yourself going no cover and eating 100+ damage which would have been at most 50 if you were in cover just feels bad man. So take it to heart and find some cover to protect you :P

    DON'T blind dash/shoot!
    I know you guys like predicting the enemy and outsmarting them and it feels so good if it works! But it doesn't a lot of the times and thats terrible. Especially blind dashing as a frontliner in the beginning of the game. Your dash is so much more than an engage that does damage it the ability that allows you to retreat and/or avoid damage it is your bread and butter and what makes you so evasive don't just waste it on a wild speculation. Play smart play for the long term. Next up blind shooting. Guys you do realize that you can walk twice the distance if you do not take another action so make use of that! Shooting at nothing is not helping you just sprint to a really good spot instead. If at all, shooting at nothing might reveal your position to the enemy team! So you are giving them free information.
    Next, prediction shooting. Oh yeah the sweet satisfaction if you predict that someone that someone will dash and shoot where they are going so good. Lets forget about those 100 times in which
    a) they just stood there shot you and you looked like a fool or
    b) they just catalysted to a safe spot instead.
    Before you make a prediction shot, at least make sure that your team got the kill or use an AOE ability. If your mate is already killing the target feel free to take a predict shot. But don't forget there are things like Turtle Tech and Second Wind which can change the math.

    DON'T trap if you have a shot!
    NOW calm yourself, I'm not talking about a situation in which a target is super low and you want to cut of his escape dash. That's fine but to all those Nix players who are out there and just use their drone over and over and over again. STOP just stop guys come on. The shot is just more damage/energy and has 100% hit as long as they don't dash away there is no reason to use a trap in those situations!
    But what about if they are in cover?
    Lets do some short math to see how many drones in % you need to hit to make as much dmg on average as just shooting people that are in cover. Super easy math here 17/30 = ~0.57. So to do as much damage on average as shooting people you need to hit around 57%+ of your traps. I'm not a mindreader so 57% seems rather high escpecially with all the people who act just so irregularly. Not taking energy into consideration cause the trap is just less energy even modless. And since Nix ultimate is one of the best in game you might just gonna get it up as fast as possible.

    DON'T go in on low health!
    If you are below 50% of you health don't go up straight to the enemy team. Sure if you are losing anyway and your team needs a kill there is no other choice but if it's even or your team is ahead just go back get some healorbs, Second Wind or maybe even a heal ability from your support and then rejoin the fight. There is nothing better for the enemy team than getting a free kill. On that note naturally you should get out of the fight if you're low health instead of just dying.

    DON'T move too far away!
    At the beginning of the game you might wanna split from your team for whatever reason, scout some or stuff. But as soon as you realize that you are on the wrong side of the board aka no one is there and the fight is going on 20 squares away from you! Stop all the blind shooting traping and sprint up there to help your team! Nothing is worse than missing the first 5+ turns of a game cause you choose to go too deep on the wrong side of the map.

    DON'T click/change your movement during the last second of the turn!
    This is a cardinal sin! One which even I make far to often. You are on a team! With real people which can not respond to your input in less then 1 second. Your supporter is waiting for you to move, maybe another firepower wants the spot you are in or you are walking in the same spot someone already chose and they could have adjusted if they just knew earlier. Most of the time we already know where we are moving and are using our time to angle our shot/ability just the right way and then locking in our movement the second we are finished. Why not do it the other way around? Click your movement and then angle your ability? I'm currently trying to get in the habit of doing that. For the team! For Victory!

    DON'T Power Ranger!
    Suprisingly we are not Superheroes just normal mortal humans. So there is no reason for us to go in a conga line with our team and do a sweet pose in the middle of the game! What I'm trying to convey here is just, don't clump together. There is close to no reason to stand adjacent or in the range of 3 squares to your teammate. You are just begging for someone to shoot a rocket into that clump of flesh to deal twice or thrice as much damage just cause you wanted to... What did you actually want to accomplish by standing next to each other? Is there a reason other than: "He took my spot and now I'm not gonna change my move" or "I don't pay attention to what my team is doing"? I know that sometimes it just happens but it really shouldn't. So always remember don't Power Ranger that s***.

    Last but not least:

    DON'T pop camoflage fields for no reason!
    There are actually a lot of good reasons to pop one! To reduce the positions enemy can hide/dash to. To hit somebody, to use an ability. But never forget, camoflage fields are invisibility for everybody which includeds your team. Don't go into a camoflage spot turn 1/2 if you plan using an ability. These are the camoflage spots on your side of the map! Those belong to your team! Don't just pop them to a) tell the enemy team your position and b) take them away from your team. That's just bad value that can be avoided 100%.

    This got longer than anticipated. Oh well lets make a closing statement and finish this up. As always, don't take my word as pure gold. I can not cover all aspects of everything in short sentences and I'm not writing a 1k page paper about AR . So take everything with a grain of salt and think for yourself, but be sure to take my words into consideration (you probably are cause else you wouldn't have read this long a** guide). Also english is not my native language so forgive me for having some faults or just hit me up on discord (It's Wollelol ) and I will fix it.
    For everyone who wants some actual commentary while I play on my thought process. I got a stream on Twitch www.twitch.tv/wollelol on which I go over every turn as best as I can. Sadly cause of University I can not stream as regulary as hoped so just gimme a follow or follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Wollelol if you want a notification as I go online.
    #NerfAsana #NerfGrey Trash

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    One more easy thing not to do in my opinion is: Taunting on Turn 2.
    The reason for that is that is:
    1) your last known marker will be updated
    2) your team will most likely be revealed to the enemy

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    This is probably one the most usefull guides for new players.
    You see alot of frontliners sprint as far as possible turn 1 and they end up out of cover.
    This is a sure tell the dash is coming next and they usually end up out of position and getting picked off or just ignored completely because they just wasted the dash.
    You might aswell get into cover then sprint again and keep the dash for when you need to regroup to focus on somebody out of position or evade lots of damage.

    Going for the might buffs early on is generaly also not a good idea when the enemy team has a comp that utilizes traps.
    You don't want to run over a Lockwood trap or into a Nix drone just to grab the might.
    When you see the opponents have Celeste you will either run into her trap, eat a grappler to the face or she will just steal it before you have a chance to claim it.

    People changing actions at the last second is a nightmare for support, I've made quite a few post already complaining about this.
    Supports generaly need to wait for the team to set their actions and then decide who needs the buff/heals.
    If people change at the last second all you can do is cancel your actions and basically screwing up your turn or waste the heals/buff.

    I've seen a Grey use follow moves on Titus the other day, and the game after there was an Orion using a follow move on Asana.
    If you're not a frontliner you should not be using follow moves at all!
    Get into cover so you take less damage.
    The only exception being a stealth PuP.
    Prepare to be impressed

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    Great tips Wolle!

    DON'T pop camoflage fields for no reason!
    Not sure about the mechanics here, could you expand a bit? I'm assuming if there's two people in the same camo bush and one uses a skill, both get revealed? Also, do they function like walls? if you're behind and not in a camo brush and the enemy has a direct line of sight only thru camo, can they see you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trux View Post
    Not sure about the mechanics here, could you expand a bit? I'm assuming if there's two people in the same camo bush and one uses a skill, both get revealed? Also, do they function like walls? if you're behind and not in a camo brush and the enemy has a direct line of sight only thru camo, can they see you?
    Camo fields function more or less like the "stealth energy" fields that are on the maps. If you're in them, you're effectively stealthed (and note that they work for EVERYONE, not just your team!). But be aware that this isn't pure invisibility, like Nix's ability. If there's an enemy standing adjacent to you while you're in one, they can see you, and so can their team.

    One of the mistakes I see Celeste players making is using the stealth fields purely as weapons - they take no effort to actually use them as hiding places. The damage is good, sure, but stealth is part of Celeste's game. If you hang out in the open, you'll be dead soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius
    and the game after there was an Orion using a follow move on Asana.
    If you're not a frontliner you should not be using follow moves at all!
    I can't speak for the Grey example, but there's a very good reason to use Follow as Orion - if you're about to pop your Ultimate, and one of your team members is either trading blows with the enemy Frontline or being harassed by an enemy Frontline, one of the best ways to make sure you're in range for the Ultimate is following that team member.

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