Warcro, the Spirit Warrior

Role: Frontline/Support (covers support field more than frontline)

Powerful hybrid with a sledgehammer and a spirit totem, who specializes in taking damage for the rest of his team.

Primary (1) (Blast): Bonebreaker
Warcro swings his sledgehammer, dealing 20 damage to enemies in a 70 degree arc 3 spaces long.

2 (Dash): Spirit Dash
Dashes to a location up to 9 spaces from his starting point.
(4 cooldown)

3 (Blast): Redemption
In the prep phase, grant self 15 shields and activates Spirit Totem. At the end of the blast phase, heal allies equivalent to 75% of damage taken within a 4 space radius.
(3 cooldown)

4 (Prep): Rejuvenation
Taps into store energy, healing self for 20.
(3 cooldown)

Ult (Prep): Totem Guardian
Slams his hammer against the ground, sending his Spirit Totem into the air. Spirit Totem grants allies in a 7x7-space radius (including Warcro) with Might and 40 shields.

Bonebreaker Mods:
Chronic Damage- 3 -Enemies hit are Weakened the next turn.
Life Drain- 3 - For ever enemy you hit, gain 3 health.
Sap- 1 -For every extra enemy you hit (other than the first enemy) you gain 2 extra energy.

Spirit Dash Mods:
Bodyguard- 2 - In Prep Phase, gain 10 shields.
Fleet-Flooted- 2 - Dash one more space.
Bull Runner-3 - Deal 10 damage to each enemy you hit in your path. Reduce distance to 5 spaces.

Redemption Mods:
Tough- 2 - Increase to 20 shields.
The Lover- 3 - Heals 90% of damage taken. Reduce radius to 3 spaces.
Be Strong-2- grants Might as well.

Rejuvenation Mods:
Quick Healer- 3 - Rejuvenation is now a free action. Increase cooldown by 2.
Temporary Bandaging- 2 - Instead of 20 heals, Rejuvenation becomes 30 2-turn shields.
Energy Restoration-1 - Gains haste as well.

Ult Mods:
Undying Determination- 2- Gain unstoppable as well.
Ultimate Defense- 3 - Increase to 50 shields. Reduce radius by 2 on both sides.
Thundering Power- 2 - Reduces cooldowns by 2. Reduce radius by 2 on both sides.

After Rask, EvoS realized they had created a monster. Deciding to go for a different approach to give themselves salvation, they created Warcro, part buffalo, part human. Warcro was driven by peace, not rage. Seeing his own potential, Warcro enlisted himself as a Freelancer to protect others.
Warcro has a buffalo-like body, standing only inches shorter than Rask. He wears crimson robes that wrap around his torso. He holds a large sledgehammer, the same size as his body.

(that should be everything.)