Name: Starlight & Frost

Role: Firepower

Description: Starlight and Frost were out playing their favorite game of boomerang. One throw went astray into the edge of a reactor, starlight went to go retrieve it when she started to get pulled into the reactor and frost tried to save her and they both were pulled in becoming one being of energy.

1. Primary (blast): Frostbite
1 square wide targeter, can be moved each turn sort of like greys rio, and faces the direction in which he was moved each turn.
Starlight commands Frost to run out and attack. he goes out a moderate distance and attacks the 3 perpendicular squares directly in front of where he stops and each turn they are directly in front of him.

2. Prep (Free 3 turn cd): Bola
Starlight throws out a bola that slows a target and does a small amount of damage if they move at all. If star strike hits someone with bola on them they take additional dmg (could be a mod)

3. Blast (1 turn cd after the projectile returns): Star strike
Starlight sends out her spirit boomerang, in a medium to moderate distance and damage, that sits out at max range spinning until the next turn when it returns doing moderate dmg on its return, also damaging anyone who runs over or stops on the boomerang.

4. Dash(5 turn cd): Together again
Starlight dashes to Frost or vice versa, becoming one again healing for a small amount and dashing from that location to another spot within 2 squares of the target dash area.

5. Ult Blast: Rabid Strike
Starlight sends out Frost to a location and he attacks in a 360, 3 squares in all directions, targets directly adjacent to him bleed for half the initial damage the following turn.

I'll leave the mods up to you devs