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Thread: Warcro, the Spirit Warrior

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    Warcro, the Spirit Warrior

    Warcro, the Spirit Warrior

    Role: Frontline/Support (covers support field more than frontline)

    Powerful hybrid with a sledgehammer and a spirit totem, who specializes in taking damage for the rest of his team.

    Primary (1) (Blast): Bonebreaker
    Warcro swings his sledgehammer, dealing 20 damage to enemies in a 70 degree arc 3 spaces long.

    2 (Dash): Spirit Dash
    Dashes to a location up to 9 spaces from his starting point.
    (4 cooldown)

    3 (Blast): Redemption
    In the prep phase, grant self 15 shields and activates Spirit Totem. At the end of the blast phase, heal allies equivalent to 75% of damage taken within a 4 space radius.
    (3 cooldown)

    4 (Prep): Rejuvenation
    Taps into store energy, healing self for 20.
    (3 cooldown)

    Ult (Prep): Totem Guardian
    Slams his hammer against the ground, sending his Spirit Totem into the air. Spirit Totem grants allies in a 7x7-space radius (including Warcro) with Might and 40 shields.

    Bonebreaker Mods:
    Chronic Damage- 3 -Enemies hit are Weakened the next turn.
    Life Drain- 3 - For ever enemy you hit, gain 3 health.
    Sap- 1 -For every extra enemy you hit (other than the first enemy) you gain 2 extra energy.

    Spirit Dash Mods:
    Bodyguard- 2 - In Prep Phase, gain 10 shields.
    Fleet-Flooted- 2 - Dash one more space.
    Bull Runner-3 - Deal 10 damage to each enemy you hit in your path. Reduce distance to 5 spaces.

    Redemption Mods:
    Tough- 2 - Increase to 20 shields.
    The Lover- 3 - Heals 90% of damage taken. Reduce radius to 3 spaces.
    Be Strong-2- grants Might as well.

    Rejuvenation Mods:
    Quick Healer- 3 - Rejuvenation is now a free action. Increase cooldown by 2.
    Temporary Bandaging- 2 - Instead of 20 heals, Rejuvenation becomes 30 2-turn shields.
    Energy Restoration-1 - Gains haste as well.

    Ult Mods:
    Undying Determination- 2- Gain unstoppable as well.
    Ultimate Defense- 3 - Increase to 50 shields. Reduce radius by 2 on both sides.
    Thundering Power- 2 - Reduces cooldowns by 2. Reduce radius by 2 on both sides.

    After Rask, EvoS realized they had created a monster. Deciding to go for a different approach to give themselves salvation, they created Warcro, part buffalo, part human. Warcro was driven by peace, not rage. Seeing his own potential, Warcro enlisted himself as a Freelancer to protect others.
    Warcro has a buffalo-like body, standing only inches shorter than Rask. He wears crimson robes that wrap around his torso. He holds a large sledgehammer, the same size as his body.

    (that should be everything.)

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    Great to see another submission Excalibur, I do hope you grow to become as productive as other community members. Warco, cool name, and such a unique idea. I can see why you struggle deciding between being choosing his role as a Firepower and Support, and frankly I can't decide either. Because his kit is built around surviving and sustain but can also be valuable for allies if caught in the range. By the way last time I checked buffalos were bigger than tigers? But that is up to you.

    Ability one: Bonebreaker - Basic and necessary damaging ability, I can see no flaws in this and have no suggestive ideas.

    Ability two: Spirit dash - Since it is called 'spirit' is this ability able to travel through solid objects such as walls? And if you were to travel through Helio's wall or Lockwood's tripwire would it be activated?

    Ability three: Redemption - I honestly love this ability, it is such a basic tool with a high mechanic that can be highly rewarding if used at the right timing. But 75% base healing is a bit high and than upgrading to 90% it becomes a tad obnoxious. But then again the only time a 'Freelancer' would take high amounts of damage would be when they are near their deathbed. And this ability manages to keep them sustained it would get annoying for the enemies to have to counter, yet easy for the user to predict. Certainly gonna have to bump up the cooldown to at least base 5 turns with no reduction mods would be one balancing method.

    Ability four: Rejuvenation - When you say 'tap into stored energy' does that mean you are actually consuming 'energy' to activate this ability? If so, why not gain bonus healing properties say per 20 energy increasing healing by 5 health. Just a recommendation.

    Ultimate ability: Totem guardian - Can you clear this up, does this ability summon a new totem, re-summon a totem in a new desired location or will the hammer knock up the already placed totem to increase its benefits?

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    Thanks for the criticism, Sharkshield.

    Yeah, Spirit Dash is not a shift. It's just that Warcro is all spiritual and stuff so you know.

    75% and 90% is a lot, but Redemption DOES NOT self-heal. Just wanted to point that out because it seems like that's what you're going at.

    Tap into stored energy did not have anything to do with energy, but that's a good suggestion.

    As for ult, he hits the ground and then puts the totem up, which energy bonds with allies and stuff I guess.

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