I recently started taking notes from watching PPL tournaments and trying out stuff in-game, below is what i've come up with so far.
Bear in mind this is still a work in progress and most of it is just some very basic stuff that you probably already know.
All of this works very good in PvP with proper communication and planning, but i'm guessing most high level teams will prob find a way to deal with this.

Defensive trap team
-Staying back and placing traps, baiting enemies
-Oz clone scouts while baiting opponents to find the main, team mates stay back, place traps around him and get into position
-Afterimages can do free damage without taking any, try to stay in place or sprint to get them as far away from each other as possible
Don't be afraid to sprint during the first 2 turns to get main Oz and the clone into a safe spot, then dash back and rely on your team to protect you while your dash is on cooldown
Save the ult for when the enemy catches you then send main Oz away and use the other 2 clones to attack
-Pick off the first target to overextend and keep rotating away from the opponents while dropping additional traps behind you
-Oz, Nix, Gremmolitions, Celeste, Lockwood

Offensive trap team
-Large aoe and knockbacks to push opponents into dangerzones
-Send Rask forward to get vision on the enemy team, buff Gremmolitions with blackhole and use his dash the next turn combined with splort and helio's wall to pull
opponents into the minefield and at the same time leave them scrambled
-Juno, Rask or Dr Finn can be used for additional aoe ults, knockbacks and high sustain

Nuclear warfare
-Using Zuki's The Big One combined with root skills to keep them into place
-Garrison, Asana
-Fetter catalyst can be usefull for this type of play
-You can also use knockbacks and pulls but it's a little trickier because it relies more on positioning

Helio/Su Ren wombo
-Another powerfull variant of the wombo using Su-ren's dash and ult together with Helio's blackhole/wall
- When Su Ren's shield fades she can be buffed with Helio's making her almost invincible

-Yet another wombo using Helio's black hole on an invisible PuP

Burst meta
-Using massive aoe damage and ults to burst opponents
-Lockwood, Zuki, Gremmolitions, Titus, Nix, Blackburn, Celeste

-Utilizing classes that focus on attacks from long range
-Grey can use her drone to provide additional vision
-Stealth classes such as Nix and PuP are also usefull for scouting, PuP can use his pull to draw someone out of cover
-Celeste can use her smoke bombs to reduce vision of the opponents team
-Nix, Grey, Celeste, Oz