Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: An outcast warrior that has been cursed mute, and so has his bow.

Lore -
Trained through family generations, the art of martial fighting and district of shonin, ronin and kyudo fighting has been highly respected in the society. But the art must never be changed or else it reflects better judgement of elders. Fletch was not originally his name until he became accustomed to new societies within the city of Atlas. Banished from his home as a young man because he tried to combine traditional methods with his own intuition, even if it were much effective he was not appreciated for his genius. Tradition will not be broken because just one of their members thought they could, the family was forced to disown 'Fletch' and so he did, his last way of showing respect. Adventuring into the untold land he tries to find a living.

Stats -
Moderately high 120 HP

First ability - Incline or bolt: You can either shoot a bolt in a 1x5 (width x length), or can choose to incline the arrow for the next use of 'Incline or bolt' (affect only lasts two turns after use). Cocking the arrow increases ability range to 6 blocks. The choice between attacking and prepping is made by how far your click this ability from the Freelancer. Ability deals 25 damage. (No cooldown)(Prep/Blast phase)
2 cost mod: Cocking the arrow increases range to 8 blocks, and increases damage to 30
2 cost mod: Cocking the arrow will grant 'Energized' next turn
2 cost mod: Decrease damage to 20, but will ignore cover
3 cost mod: Increase arrow width to 2 blocks, increasing chance of hitting enemies

Second ability - Tripwire: You fire two arrows that have an energy line between the two arrows which travel in an arc, the energy phaseline will slow any enemy enemy that is tripped by the wire. Travels from a 2x2 to 4x4 (width x length) cone shaped ability, applying 'Slow' to enemies affected. Ability cannot be casted through walls, and the wire cannot travel through walls. (5 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Enemies hit are revealed until the next decision phase
2 cost mod: Increase ability dimensions to change to 6x5 (width x length)
2 cost mod: The energy tripwire can go through walls, energy travels from each arrow towards the middle to connect
2 cost mod: Increase energy gained if an enemy is hit

Third ability - Multi-shot: Stack three arrows into your bow horizontally, delivering three different skillshots in their pre-set direction (not changeable, besides the general direction of arc). Each arrow deals direct 25 damage and cannot go through walls. The arc of the ability is 135 degrees, each arrow at 45 degree segment, has a range of 5 blocks(5 cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase energy gained per enemy hit
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 30
2 cost mod: Ignore cover
3 cost mod: You will incline three arrows vertically, firing three bolts into one straight line of 5 blocks dealing 40 direct damage

Fourth ability - Wall scale: You can scale over walls and covers easily. Travelling a maximum of three blocks over the wall and near the end of the climb. (4 turns)(Dash phase)
1 cost mod: Heal 10 health on use
2 cost mod: Gain 20 shield next turn
2 cost mod: Decrease cooldown to 3 turns
3 cost mod: Gain 2 charges, but increase cooldown to 5 turns

Ultimate ability - Splinter shot: An arrow head that has to scatter off the surface of an object, into a tight cone reaching an additional range. Dealing 40 direct damage to each enemy hit only by the cone ability, but the arrow has 1x6 (width x length) dimensions for the angling of the cone off the surface of a wall. The cone dimensions are 1x1 to 3x4 (width x length). This is advantageous for attacking from unexpected angles. (Think of it as Lockwood's primary ability, to simplify the mechanics)(100 energy)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Enemies hit are revealed until the next decision phase
2 cost mod: Increase cone expansion to 5x4, but decrease damage to 35
2 cost mod: Increase arrow travelling to 8 blocks
3 cost mod: It can be scatter off the surface of an ally or an enemy as well now

Design -
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Body build: Ripped
Armour: Quiver (three straps to back), tight chest fabric, loose baggy pants, ronin style fashion gauntlets, shoes (with silhouette of big toe showing, underlined with bamboo wood), slick styled back hair, headband overcovering whole of forehead, ronin style rope as belt, shoulder pads with with fabric covering left and right cheeks
Weapon: Bow (blunt edges), stacked with three arrows then also a quiver on back