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    Let's talk about Kaigin's ability mods

    I'm really enjoying Kaigin on the PTS, but some of his mods have me scratching my head. The effects are generally pretty interesting, but it feels like the loadout costs for some of them are way too high.

    Stalker's Mark (reveal a target when hitting them with all three shuriken) - I know kits generally need to be compared in totality, but I think it's worth noting that Pup can mod his #1 ability to reveal for 1 loadout point. Stalker's Mark is tied to an ability with a cooldown, is situational (have to hit with all shuriken), AND costs three loadout points. For that many points, I feel like it should reveal anyone it hits.

    Soothing Shadows (heal inside the smoke bomb) - I like that this creates some tension in decision-making for Kaigin. He's lacking self-healing so this is appealing, but it forces him to be somewhat predictable and immobile, which goes against his strengths. That's fine, but I again think three points is too high since competent enemies will see the mod and default to AoE checking the area.

    Night Hunter (heal 15 HP when hitting a marked enemy with ult, no longer deal bonus damage) - I'm sounding like a broken record here, but I just don't see how trading 10 damage for 15 healing justifies three loadout points. I think based on the livestream the other day, the dev team is wary of Kaigin turning into a bruiser who sustains with vamp effects instead of a squishy assassin. I totally get that, but it feels like as a result his healing mods are overpriced to discourage them, which is odd. If that's not his intended playstyle, I'd like to see the healing mods just removed instead of sort of being 'noob traps' due to their high loadout cost relative to their effects.

    Eclipse (reset the cooldown on Shadowstalker when ulting) - I really like this mod on paper. The problem is that the cooldown reset actually appears to happen during the dash phase when Spectre of Death goes off, which makes it significantly less useful since Shadowstalker happens during blast phase. This means that if you use Shadowstalker and Spectre of Death on the same turn, Shadowstalker's cooldown isn't actually reset. If that's an intentional design decision, then I think this really needs to be a one point mod as it's a niche use case. Ideally, I'd like to see it stay as a three point mod but just have the cooldown reset apply at end of turn.

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    I agree with everything you said except the reset mod on his ult. This has to be a design decision, as the mod resetting after the ult makes it a no brainer choice as I see it.

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    Great feedback, thanks

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    Either the testing was insufficient or you guys decided on purpose, like you did with Elle, to put out a **** underpowered freelancer. Either way, Kaigin atm has no place in any comp under any circumstances. His basic attack is terrible because of the short range. over 40% of turns he is un able to do dmg, or with 135 life, in a spot to just get one shotted. You wanted him to play sneaky, but he cant .. you wante dhim to play close, but he cant, you wanted to be mobile, he is, but he gets hit in blast phase by 360 degree champs and anything with aoe. Overall TERRIBLE kit at high lvl. Not viable until you either re-design him. Give him 150 life and extend his range on his aoe Q, or make his shuriken default 1 turn CD. Garaunteed this freelancer will have the lowest of the lowest win% and dmg done /game. Just horribly inconsistent.

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