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Thread: Kaigin Speculations

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    Kaigin Speculations

    (Just speculations)

    1) May become like PuP (as in it mainly does melee)
    2) Can invis on demand

    That's it from me

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    They already showed everything on the live stream. He should also be on the test server right now.

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    You can in fact try him out on the test server already, he only goes stealth for 1 turn and drops a big smoke cloud around him like celeste's smoke bombs.
    He can dash to an enemy, attack and then move to a different spot all in the same turn.
    His ult is also a dash/attack.
    Then there is his ranged attack that can throw 3 shurikens that marks targets, his primary melee skill is similar to asana's and it also sets marks on opponents.
    Whenever he attacks a marked target he deals 10 additional damage.
    Prepare to be impressed

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