Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Hard
Description: A war commando with rifle expertise and aerial support

Lore -
With years of experience in training and real warfare complemented with more years on the force, Cain McLaughlin watched the repetition of making new war friends and witness their death at ages of 26 but the most tragic was how war becomes greedy. Sending the young into a battle fought by countries without consideration of who they are or what they have to offer. Pain has tainted McLaughlin's heart, he had to fight with grieve in his heart for the loss of hundreds his seen alone. He carries their name, pride and honour alone...its the least McLaughlin can do for those willing to die for their country. A war veteran that thought he never had to see the face of conflict again has his peace broken by the Atlas Reactor's unbalance. The source of energy that all the fighting has been for and now somebody (or everybody) is trying to break it. Not a chance with the hundreds of soldiers that stand along with McLaughlin.

Stats -
Moderate 160 HP

First ability - Bullet tap: Any person within a 8 block radius and has vision on them, can be targeted. Although you cannot shoot through walls, the ability deals 30 damage to the aimed target, other enemies cannot body block this ability because of McLaughlin's gained experience. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase radius range to 9 blocks
2 cost mod: Enemy shot will be revealed for the turn
2 cost mod: Increase damage done if the target is isolated
3 cost mod: The bullets can pierce through enemies only dealing 5 damage and 25 damage to the initial target

Second ability - Slung grenade: A wide spread cone, with a 135 degree arc, the grenade shot will shatter on release dealing 30 damage to the closest enemy and 20 damage to further enemies in cone. The kickback effect of the grenade launcher, will throw yourself two places back wherever you aim the ability. This ability cannot push yourself over walls. (5 cooldown)(Dash phase)
1 cost mod: You are able to sling yourself over walls
2 cost mod: Deal 30 damage to all enemies
2 cost mod: Enemies hit are slowed for the turn
2 cost mod: Increase the distance you are flung to 3 blocks

Third ability - Perceptive visor: Granting yourself with 'Farsight' next turn, increasing ordinary vision distance to see enemies in further distance. (4 cooldown)(Free)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: You are able to ignore cover next turn
2 cost mod: Gain 'Farsight' for two turns
3 cost mod: Gain two charges of 'Perceptive visor'
3 cost mod: You can see invisible enemies if they are within a small radius of yourself next turn

Fourth ability - Firing program: You increase your reflexes and increase magazine size, after a turn delay you will shoot any enemy in yourself vision dealing 15 damage to each enemy hit. This acts similar to Garrison's 'Missile barrage', you are still able to cast other abilities during the turn of this ability activating. (6 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Enemies damaged by 'Firing program' are revealed for the turn
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 20
3 cost mod: No longer a free ability but this ability no longer has a turn delay, decrease cooldown to 5 turns
3 cost mod: Killing an enemy will decrease the cooldown of this ability by 1 turn

Ultimate ability - Laser strike: Call in an orbital laser strike with your radio phone, the laser ignores cover and is called in during 'Prep phase' but only arrives during 'Blast phase' dealing 40 damage to anybody caught in the radius of 3 blocks. It can be casted again to traverse in any desired destination dealing 20 damage to any enemy that the laser might burn and at the end of the destination deal a large surge of energy dealing 30 damage and then ending. (50 energy)(Prep phase/Blast phase)
2 cost mod: Increase laser width to 4 block radius
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 45, decreasing laser width to 2 block radius
3 cost mod: The laser will follow your movements instead, will do so for two turns automatically
3 cost mod: The laser will slow enemies hit for the turn

Design -
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Body build: Ripped
Armour: Heavy black cargo pants, rusted knee pads, leg straps reaching until knee, iron capped shoes, sleeveless undergarment shirt, flak jacket with radio phone strapped to left breat, barrette (decorated with medals for bravery, honesty, leading commander), deep side burns along face, portable antenna rod erecting from right shoulder blade mount (intensify signal of radio phone)
Weapon: An old fashioned assault rifle with a few modern advancements, underslung grenade launcher. Also it is called the B.E.A.R.