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Thread: Matchmaking needs fix

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    Post Matchmaking needs fix


    I just had the situation that in PVP (unranked) while solo queuing i was 2 times in a row queued against the same team who queued together (they all had the same banner & emblem , and I know some of these names from prep phase tournaments ).

    While, this certainly provides opportunity to learn, such games are normally very unbalanced which may be a negative experience for casual players like myself.

    The match making of atlas reactor should consider the number of people queueing together and imo it should be avoided to match a team of 4 who queue together against players who queue separately.

    Dev, please make improving the match making a top priority. Thanks.

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    You make a good point since i have also been teamed up against esl cup finalists but we did surprisingly well actually.
    But overcomplicating MM imo is not very good for queue times either.

    There have been people asking to only get teamed up against similar compositions such as 1 sup/1 FL/2 FP.
    Same for ranked, higher tier players do not want to get teamed up with lower tiers but complain about queue times.

    You have to draw the line somewhere.
    People are already complaining about having to wait 3 minutes in queue.
    Prepare to be impressed

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    Matchmaking DOES try to match teams with teams. But the constraints get relaxed the longer matchmaking takes.

    I think there's another dev post on that topic somewhere, too

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