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Thread: Holly, The Constant Gardener

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    Holly, The Constant Gardener

    Name: Holly

    Role: Support

    Description: Holly loved gardening... she went into the reactor..... she now is one with the plants. Not the best at lore!

    1. Primary (blast): Seedlings
    Holly throws out a seedling in a medium distance that affects a 3x3 area dealing a small amount of damage to enemies and healing friendlies for a medium amount, think about Auroras primary for damage and healing. Seedlings sit in a dormant state for 2 turns before dissipating, also giving vision in that 3x3.

    2. Prep (free 3 turn cd): Nurtured Growth
    Holly uses her energy to rapidly grow her seedlings to full fledged plants. They grow so fast that thorns spit out of the plants in an [U]additional[U] 3 squares in all directions from the seedlings original location, doing a medium amount of damage to enemies and weakening them, while giving a medium heal and small shield to allies hit.

    3. Dash (5 turn cd): Vine-dicate
    Holly dashes to an area affecting an area 2 squares all around her, slowing enemies hit and giving haste and unstoppable to all allies hit for the turn.

    4. Blast (3 turn cd): Uprooted
    Holly throws out a root/vine that pulls enemies to a location that she determines within a range limit of her.

    5. Ult Prep: Venus Fly Trap
    Holly throws out a trap in a large area that won't trigger until atleast one enemy is on it during blast phase, a 4x4 or 5x5 area. It then pops up out of the ground and tries to digest the enemy before throwing them back, doing a moderate amount of damage. The lowest hp friendly, percentage wise, will get healed for the amount of damage that the enemy took, within a range of the trap. If two enemies get hit then two allies will get healed and so on. I did it this way so that a might, might actually increase a heal amount.

    Once again I'll leave the mods up to you devs

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    Maybe she was involved with a trust, most likely Evos, researching new possible relationships between nuclear energy and plants to reinvigorate the dying (or lack thereof ) plant-life in Atlas and The Waste since the Titan War. Some cliche experiment/accident happened and the plants started reacting to her emotions/thoughts.

    OR, she has acquired a device through one of the Trusts that allows her to grow plant seeds that she carries instantly.

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