Lore: Take one awful drunkard, a combination of rogue Warbiotics and Evolution Solutions scientists, a lab, wolf DNA, a mechanical lance with a machine gun inside, and you end up with one seriously powerful Freelancer who might win the award for Biggest Score to Settle. Randall's lupine appearance and unique weapon have earned him a moderate amount of respect in Omni, but he's not someone you screw with on a whim.

Elle- They have been known to work together on occasion.
Dr. Finn, Rask- Randall has his eye on them, as he thinks that Rask knocked him out and Dr. Finn made the mutation.

Battle: In battle, Randall is a Firepower/Frontliner hybrid character who can switch effectively from melee to ranged damage depending on what is needed at the cost of no non-catalyst Prep actions.

Ability 1: Strike Spear (Blast)
Randall slashes in an arc in front of him with good vertical range and a 75 degree arc. 15 damage.

Ability 2: Howling Cleave (Dash)
Randall runs to a selected point on the map and performs a spinning slash with a really good radius. 10 damage, 3 turn cooldown.

Ability 3: Strafing Shot (Dash)
Randall runs in an curved line, shooting inwards the direction he curves. 15 damage, 4 turn cooldown.

Ability 4: Piercing Moon (Blast)
Randal shoots a barrage that pierces cover, dealing 20 damage to anyone in the line. 5 turn cooldown.

Ultimate: Berzerging (Dash and Blast)
Randall first runs in a large line slashing in a berserk rage during the Dash phase, then he turns towards his starting position and shoots in an cone towards that. 15 damage for the Dash portion, 10 damage for the Blast portion.