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Thread: Legacy, the Bounty Hunter

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    Legacy, the Bounty Hunter

    Name: Legacy, the Bounty Hunter

    Role: Firepower

    Bounty hunter who uses his dual mini shotguns and smoke grenades to end his foes.

    Primary (1) (Blast): Firefight
    Your face will never look the same.
    Legacy aims one of his mini shotguns, firing in a 30 degree arc, dealing 33 damage to all enemies within.

    2 (Blast): Double Entrende (3 cooldown)
    Two guns, more fun.
    Legacy aims his shotguns in opposite directions, dealing 29 damage to enemies caught in the blast.

    3 (Dash): Smoke and Mirrors (7 cooldown)
    I'll be back, if you aren't dead by then.
    Legacy dashes up to 8 spaces away, leaving behind a smoke clone of himself. Attacking the clone causes it to explode into smoke, dealing 23 damage and weakening enemies in a 3x3 space.

    4 (Prep): Smokescreen (7 cooldown)
    You won't see what's coming.
    Legacy rolls out a special grenade. Grenade creates a 4-space long wall of smoke. Any ally that is up to 5 spaces behind the wall is shrouded. Crossing wall deals 20 damage. Lasts for 2 turns.

    Ult (Blast): The Executioner
    If you live, you'll wish you didn't.
    Legacy targets two enemies, before firing two special rounds at them. Enemies take 45 damage and are slowed and weakened.

    Primary Mods:
    Spread Shot- 2 - Increase to 45 degree arc. Lower damage to 30.
    Domination- 3 - If only one enemy is hit, deal 37 damage.
    Falloff Damage- 1 -Deal 35 damage to nearest enemy, and 31 to enemies farther away.

    Double Entrende Mods:
    Spread Shot- 2 - Increase to 45 degree arc. Lower damage to 26.
    Domination- 3 - If only one enemy is hit in each field, deal 32 damage.
    Polished Bullet- 3- If only one enemy is hit between the two fields, deal 35 damage.

    Smoke and Mirror Mods:
    Farther Retreat- 2- Increase dash distance by one.
    More Deadly Smoke- 2 - Increase damage by 4. Lower space by 1x1.
    Spreading Smoke- 2- Decrease damage by 4. Increase space by 1x1.

    Smokescreen Mods:
    Rapid Deploy Grenades- 2 - Lower cooldown by 1.
    Self-Sustaining Smoke- 2- Wall lasts for 1 more turn.
    Wide Guard-2- Increase length of wall by 1.

    The Executioner Mods:
    Guillotine- 1- Each enemy that is killed by the executioner grants 25 energy to Legacy.
    Long Live the Tyrant- 2 - Grants 15 shields to Legacy after use.
    Pure Power- 3 - Increase to 51 damage. Remove slow and weak.

    Legacy wears a skull mask, that covers his entire head, leaving only his red eyes exposed. He wears a long black coat that is ripped on the edges and wears two tearing black gloves that leave his fingers out. He wears dark pants and heavy black boots. He has grenades and his two mini shotguns holstered at his belt. He has a knife sheathed on his boot.

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    I don't mean to sound rude, but this concept sounds an awful lot like Overwatch's Reaper...

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    It sounds like Reaper because the original idea was Reaper. My goal was trying to twist things so it became my own. Still kept the double shotgun tho

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