Lore: Gifted with nimble fingers adept at typing code incredibly quickly and a mind capable of on-the-fly thinking, Bluescreen was the go-to-girl for getting something done in the digital landscape. Need a piece of information? Want something to not work? Bluescreen has you covered... if you pay the right price. Realizing that most if not all weapons are electronic in Atlus, Bluescreen signed up for Freelancerhood as a Wild Card, keeping her skills and equipment to herself.

Battle: Bluescreen is a fairly unique Support: She has no way of healing or buffing other team mates. She focuses on making the enemy weaker to make her teammates's jobs easier. She fights not with a weapon, but with a computer. Unfortunately, this means she has very little survivability or even damage to speak of. But let her wreak havoc and the enemy will be left a sniveling mess.

Ability 1: allyourbase (Blast)
Bluescreen makes an enemy's armor explode, dealing 5 damage and reducing their defenses, leaving them defenseless. Bluescreen does not need to aim this ability: If anyone on the team can see the enemy, it can be targeted by allyourbase.

Ability 2: welcometodie (Prep)
Bluescreen targets an unseen enemy, revealing their position and Slowing them. 4 turn cooldown.

Ability 3: congladulations (Prep)
Bluescreen targets an enemy, giving them Weak and Rooting them in place. 5 turn cooldown.

Ability 4: awinnerisyou (Blast)
Bluescreen alters the projectile of an enemy's Blast attack, making them hit an ally instead of an enemy. 7 turn cooldown.

Ultimate: inanothercastle (Prep)
Bluescreen uses her skills to do something crazy: Switch the positions of all enemies with each other and stunning them, leaving them helpless to the oncoming onslaught!