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Thread: Please look into 3 Frontline grouping

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    Please look into 3 Frontline grouping

    Ever since the Su-Ren nerf there seems to be an increase in 3 Frontline premade groups for all those players wanting to farm easy wins.

    I don't understand why this is allowed because it really throws off match balance.

    Please look into the win ratio of these groups.

    Thanks much

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    This is not an overpowered strategy, nor even close to it, so I don't see the problem. Multiple frontliners are easy to pick apart if your team spaces well.

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    I've also played a couple games the other day with 4 frontliners and we had alot of fun with it.
    Garrison was our main support.
    We just bumrushed the enemy team and it ended up being a facepunching festival. I think we played 2 games with that comp.

    First game we steamrolled them and the second was actually pretty close, 5-4 in overtime was the score iirc.
    I can see a full ranged team with lots of mobility or aoe destroying this particular setup but without knowing what you're up against it's impossible to plan ahead.

    Spreading out and bursting the first one to overextend might be the way to go here.
    You could also have someone with high mobility/unstoppable function as bait while the others get into position and lure them into a funnel, then blast them with aoe.

    I think the game is remarkably well balanced and provides many ways to deal with different situations.
    However it doesn't mean that something is beatable it's not OP so it might be worth looking into this.
    Then again groups that use funky setups probably plan ahead and are very well coordinated so it might just be a communication disadvantage that cost you the win.
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    I played a non ranked game with 3 frontliners, and me as Helio. It took 10 turns to get a 5-1. The amount of damage dished out every turn was just insane, with lots of mobility (Asana, Rask) and black holes every 4 turns. Their was no need for careful thinking, just going straight and bash everything.

    But this kind of team is easy to dispatch in fact. Just put your 4 characters in the open. Most of the time, their aoe can't hit characters at 3 squares from each other. So, if your characters are a bit spread, they will be able to attack only one of them. On the other side, range characters have massive aoes, easily able to hit 2 or 3 of them. So you dispatch them through sheer damage.
    If they decide to spread their damage, you'll have harder time hitting many of them, but you should easily focus fire. You can kill one of them every 2 turns, choosing the hardest ones to handle.
    Also, they are very dependent on positionning. If you manage to move them 2 turns in a row, they will lose a turn. So, take anything that can push or root enemies on your mods.

    Most of the time, the error the range team does is trying to avoid combat by splitting around. They are just making the game of their opponent, as they will have cover, and if they move the character they attack, they can end up out of your range.

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