Role: Support
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Elizabeth, shes watches more bodies come into her infirmary than she could save. That stops now.

Lore -
Omni trust, first thought Elizabeth was a bit loose in the head for asking permission to get on the battlezone. Many rejected her but after a message from Helio corp came in, hiring now for those who want a change and breakthrough nano-nite technology. Elizabeth asked for one last favour, permission to use the 'Savior' a new message board medical gear claimed to far too unnecessary. But guess limits don't matter when you work for Helio.

Stats -
Moderate 150 HP

First ability - Spread burst: The basic controlled gun fire in a tight cone of 1x1 to 2x5 (width x length), dealing 20 damage to each enemy hit. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Allies shot gain 10 health the next turn
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 25
2 cost mod: Increase ranged to 6 blocks
2 cost mod: Enemies shot will be applied 'Bleed', receive reduced healing (25%) for the next turn

Second ability - Sonar radar: Use a wave gun in a 180 cone to reveal the location of enemies until the end of the turn, has a range of 7 blocks(4 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Increase radius range to 8 blocks
2 cost mod: Gain 30 shield for the turn
3 cost mod: Enemies revealed will be slowed for the turn
3 cost mod: Change the cone to a complete AOE but reduce range to 5 blocks

Third ability - Doctor's call: A healing vile is launched from the nano-nite SMG that can be used on yourself or if held away from yourself (the cursor must be far away from character) can be angled to an ally within a skillshot of 1x5 (width x length). Healing 30 health, this ability naturally has 2 charges. (5 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Increase healing to 35
2 cost mod: Will receive a 15 health shield
2 cost mod: Grants 'Might' to the targeted player
3 cost mod: The vile can heal 25 health per turn for 2 turns but only hold one 'Doctor's call' charge

Fourth ability - Nano-nightmare: You can buff yourself or an ally to apply nano-nites onto the enemy damaged that turn by the targeted ally. The nano-nites will deal 5 damage per turn for two turns. (5 cooldown)(Prep phase)
2 cost mod: Will also apply 'Bleed' effect on the enemy affected by 'Nano-nightmare'
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 7 per turn
3 cost mod: Will deal 12 damage, only once, no more turn count
3 cost mod: This ability can be casted for 'Free'

Ultimate ability - Nova call: A healing nova will send an AOE wave that can heal allies by 35 health, which has a one turn delay on use. The nova wave cannot travel through walls but if traversed through allies will apply the heal effect of 35 healing. The wave does not stop until it will hit a wall, essentially allowing a global heal. You shoot in a flare to call down the Nova call, where the flare falls during the next turn will be the epicenter of the 'Nova call', allowing the positioning of the healing waves to travel the map layout. There is no casting range limit on this ability.(100 energy)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Allies affected by the heal will receive 'Energized'
2 cost mod: Allies affected by the heal will receive 'Might'
3 cost mod: Nova call can 'Weak'en any enemies hit with the healing wave
4 cost mod: The ability can be instantly casted, allowing the use of the heal on the turn

Design -
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Body build: Standard
Armour: Clinic approved gear, Red cross backpack, face mask, scalpel collection kit, doctor's bag strapped on top of backpack, light blue surgeon garments, excessive amount of plasters on hand (fingers)
Weapon: A nano-nite inspired SMG, capable of firing ballistic shots, riot bullets and now nano-nite capsules