Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A natural born killer that has tempted to be tamed but is now furious and frantic.

Lore -
Amelia is a from a home of humanoid shark people that stay away from civilization and live by hunting for the day. Amelia grew curious of what was on the surface and swam inshore, the others had warned her but curiosity will never stop until satisfied. Amelia triggered a sea defense, fishers and defense units were sent on a parole, she got caught in a net and discovered a few minutes later. She looked like an ordinary shark but one of the scientists saw her abnormal shape, he requested her to be sedated and taken to the Evolution solutions headquarters, she saw many other animals under experimenting as she gained her vision back in glimpses of her eyes struggling to stay open. A remarkable creature was never quiet while she was there, the sound of a creature that Amelia had never encountered. Experiments continued...she was forced to curiosity can get the best of you.

Stats -
Moderately high 160 HP

First ability - Frenzy: Bite a single target in range of 3x3 grid (you are in the center), the bite does ignore cover and will deal 25 damage, granting might for the next turn. If this ability is used in the next turn consecutively it will allow you to bite an additional enemy. The third use of this ability will allow Amelia to target three enemies in a 5x5 grid (again you are in the center). Cannot bite over walls. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase damage to 28
2 cost mod: Gain 10 shield per enemy hit
2 cost mod: Hitting an enemy will cause you to heal 20 health the next turn
2 cost mod: Biting enemies will slow them

Second ability - Blood scent: Any damage done this turn will reveal their location, through the taste of their blood you can sense their presence. (3 cooldown)(Prep phase)(Free)
1 cost mod: Gain 10 shield on use
2 cost mod: Gain 'Might' for the turn
2 cost mod: Provide nearby allies with 'Might'
3 cost mod: All damage done this turn will slow the enemy

Third ability - Deep diving: Diving into the ground, swimming through cement gaining 'Haste' for the turn. Only exposing her pierced fin, she is also immune to any CC effect for the turn. (4 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Gain a 10 health shield
2 cost mod: You will not trigger any traps (Lockwood tripwire, Nix drone, Aurora electric field, etc)
2 cost mod: Heal 25% of the damage done this turn
3 cost mod: Gain a shield equal to 30% of the damage done this turn, for two turns

Fourth ability - Chase: You will aqua jet yourself through the ground dashing in a skillshot range of 1x8 (width x length), dealing 20 damage to any enemy that makes contact with your steel braced dorsal fin. (5 cooldown)(Dash phase)
1 cost mod: Increase range to 9
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 24
2 cost mod: Reduce the cooldown of 'Blood scent' by 1 turn per an enemy hit
3 cost mod: The cut Earth left by 'Chase' will act as slowing field, applying 'Slow' to each enemy that walks over it

Ultimate ability - Tsunami: A large wave emerges from the ground, and swipes enemies caught in range dealing 40 indirect damage. From a 2x5 (width x length), has 3 distance casting range. The wave will carry enemies to the end of the skillshot path, which travels 4 blocks. It cannot carry enemies over walls but can do so to covers. (100 energy)(Blast phase)
2 cost mod: High tide, can now carry enemies over walls.
2 cost mod: Allies in affected by 'Tsunami' will grant them 'Haste'
3 cost mod: Increase damage to 44
3 cost mod: 'Tsunami' has an increased width to 7 blocks

Design -
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Body build: Ripped, female shark (fairly gender obvious parts)
Armour: Skin tight fabric, bathing suit, shogun armour design on thighs, metal rings on shark tail fin, piercing in her first dorsal fin, pointed sharp ears (chipped), she does have blonde hair with black tips, elongated snout (packed with as many teeths sharks should have)
Weapon: The iconic jaws of a shark, claws which she has been experimented on to adapt