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Thread: Damage Incorporated - Multi Game Clan seeks Atlas players!

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    I suggest nobody joins this clan, as almost the entirety of the non-AR members are STILL ******* jerks. I also suggest all of you making the mistake of joining leave now to group with me and not deal with GreatJackal and his BS joke of a clan. Thanks bye.

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    Alright, I did a quick review of what happened with your application. They asked you to update your application twice - you responded the first time but you did not respond to the second request. Once you passed the 36 hours given was when TheGamer777 turned it down simply due to procedure, nothing personal.

    I will be glad to walk you through the application process if you want to try it again.

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    There's no conspiracy. Question 13 was just wrong in your application. The gatekeeper asked you to fix it, and archived the application when you didn't :\

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