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Thread: Su Ren is a noob (minor rant)

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    Su Ren is a noob (minor rant)

    I have been playing Su Ren for the last two weeks since i usually end up filling for my team and nobody ever wants to play support.
    I don't mind since i like playing her and i was getting bored with aurora and helio.
    Also most of the people i play with know how she moves and when she will heal/dash or they're on discord and i can let them know when they don't have to waste their dash.

    Now that ranked has come up i have played her a couple of times already when she wasn't banned and had 1 good game, the others were lost and it was all my fault because i was a appearently a noob and so the drama began.
    I'll try not to rant but instead make this thread to let people know how and when she can fail horribly or can be succesfull imo.

    If you have discord and you can ask people where they're going or when they are going to dash then she is very easy to play and you should have no problem getting los to dash/heal and you can play her very effectively.
    This probably goes for any if not all supports or classes but i feel Su Ren benefits from communication the most.

    If nobody is communicating through voice chat all she can do is wait for the player to make their moves and then adapt, dash to a spot where the other players dash or flash will end and then heal to get the as many players in range as possible.
    Or if they have no dashes or aren't using them she can dash straight to them and heal.
    Having to rely on in-game ability selections and adapt is a little more tricky but i've managed to do ok with players i regularly team up with that know how to play their class.

    Now is the part where she can fail horribly.
    When players select their movements/actions and decide to cancel and change at the last second.
    That in turn leads to the person playing her also having to change actions at the last second and they end up either screwing up their turn or they waste the dash/heal and are out of position.
    With voice chat you can let people know what you are changing before it shows in the selecting but without is there is not enough time to adapt.

    This goes for any class but when 2 firepowers overkill when going for that 1 player who is at 2 hp they will still get the dmg and nobody will complain because they have contributed.
    If the healer misses the heal it doesn't show on the scoreboard and the drama ensues.

    I don't mind losing games i have good games and bad games myself and it's not always easy setting your actions well before the clock runs out but before you start flaming people especially supports/healer you have to realize that they need to adapt to your actions and if you change at the last second they will probably end up wasting an ability or having to cancel it and just skip a turn.

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    For me it's more like: do people WANT support or not? Some people WANT to walk over orbs to get buffs. As a Su-Ren player I tell my team, when (and prolly where) I will heal. People that care for heals try to make my life easy (easier) and communicate.

    Team members, that are not interested in actively playing together, *might* get heals and support, but I wont break a sweat in trying

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