Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A grim faced hunter, hired to kill and always finishes the job. Bounties have reached their peaks and now he sees no reason to be hired but rather just enjoy himself.

Lore -
Bram wasn't the average hitman, he only took contracts if he knew the consequence of their death and if there was no apparent reason for their death he would kill the hirer. Bram has a kill count on his left shoulder, just scratched in with hot lead in a lines (like you would find in a prison)

Stats -
Moderate 140 HP

First ability - Crippling shot: A marksman quick fire succession of 3 bullets that deals a total of 35 damage and weakens the target for the next turn, has a skillshot range of 1.5x1 to 1x5 (width x range). Can only hit one target. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase range by an additional 1
2 cost mod: Gain 'Haste' if you damage an enemy
2 cost mod: Ignore cover
2 cost mod: Increase damage if next to cover by 3

Second ability - Barbed wire: Place down a line of spiked wire in a 1x4 (width x length), can only be casted on place, lasting 2 turns and slows all enemies which pass through. (4 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Increase length of 'Barbed wire' by 1
1 cost mod: Barbed wire now deals 10 damage to each enemy that passes
2 cost mod: Enemies will also be 'Weakened' for the turn after passing through 'Barbed wire'
3 cost mod: The 'Barbed wire' can now be placed in a patch, a grid of 3x3

Third ability - Dive 'n' roll: You jump from your position over two blocks, avoiding all mines, shock traps on ground, landing three blocks away from initial stance. This also provides haste. (5 cooldown)(Dash phase)
1 cost mod: Gain 30 shield for two turns
2 cost mod: Gain 'Might' the next turn
2 cost mod: Increase jumping distance to 4 blocks
3 cost mod: Gain two charges but decrease dashing distance to 2 blocks

Fourth ability - Seeker grenade: You roll a grenade in front of you in a 1x7 (width x length), but the grenade has a sense of a 2 block radius which if triggered by an enemy will detonate dealing 30 indirect damage. (5 cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Enemies hit are revealed
2 cost mod: Increase range to 8 blocks
2 cost mod: The blast will slow all enemies hit for the turn
3 cost mod: If the grenade does not find a target the cooldown is instantly replenished, only allowed once per game

Ultimate ability - Tracking shot: You lock onto a target, revealing them for the location, and during 'Blast phase' you are able to shoot them even if they were to dash, dealing 55 damage. However the ability cannot pierce through walls and should only be used if in a clear zone, and has a range of 8.(100 energy)(Prep phase)
2 cost mod: Ignore cover
2 cost mod: Increase range to 10
3 cost mod: Enemies killed will reveal their allies within a 3 block radius
4 cost mod: Decimate, shooting all 8 shots in the general location of tracking enemy in a cone. Each shot will only deal 35 damage to each enemy hit.

Passive: Giving an assist or landing the killing blow will cause the enemy to drop a power-up.

Design -
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Body build: Ripped
Armour: Black armour (shoulder, knee pads, spine metal pads, kevlar helmet (cracks in helmet to prove battleworn), ski mask, black glasses, shoulder mounted flashlight, 5 knives strapped to belt, magazine vest
Weapon: A signature 8-cylinder revolver rifle with a hardwood handle and stock, flinch action rifle