I'm gradually working my way through the various characters, and last night I played Celeste. She is a very different design than most of the characters, and hard to understand. I can clearly see that a lot of Celeste players simply have no idea of how to use her. But the thing that really grabbed my attention was that if you're going solely on watching the fight, Celeste seems weak... but when you look at the final end-of-match numbers, it's very easy to see that she's a powerhouse.

Every single game I've played with has me in the top 50% of the game's damage - and there were several games where I was the highest-damage character in the entire match, despite dying once or twice. I've obviously still got some work to do to figure out how to use her without dying (I haven't had a match yet where I didn't die at least once), but even after losing two turns' worth of action, I'm still doing big damage.

So, a quick analysis of Celeste for people to think about. As a Firepower class, she's exactly what you expect - high damage, low health, easily killed if you make a mistake and get team-stomped. Her powers:

Slot 1 - Strong Arm - Two grappling hooks that can hit for damage or grab power-ups. If you hit the same target with both grapples, you do a little more damage, but it's pretty obvious that your best results are hitting two targets - whether that be a character and a powerup, or two different characters, the benefit from separating them is pretty obvious. With that in mind, the two best Mods seem to be Long Arm (lets you split them up to 180 degrees away from each other) or Smash and Grab (which gives you a damage boost on one grapple if the other one grabs a power-up).

Slot 2 - Proximo Charge - An extremely powerful, but hard-to-use, trap. The 1-turn delay requires good tactical awareness, trying to figure out where your enemies are going in the next turn, not where they are right now. If you find this power hard to use, then the Mod Contingency Plan (gives you the Energy benefit immediately, regardless of whether the trap is sprung or not) seems a wise choice. If, on the other hand, you understand how to predict your enemies' movements, all of the other Mods have some utility. It just depends on whether you want damage, Rooting, or free placement.

Slot 3 - Smoke Bomb - Unquestionably THE most misunderstood tool in Celeste's arsenal. In all the time I've been playing Atlas Reactor, I've seen exactly one Celeste player who used this as both a weapon and a stealth mechanism. Most Celeste players use them as brutish AOE bombs, and completely ignore the fact that the smoke bombs are a way to confuse the enemy, and keep them from killing you. This is especially important when one of the enemy players starts Following you - if you're cloaked, they cannot target you for the next turn's Follow action (and note that this goes for the energy-stealth floors, as well as the Smoke Bombs - stealth is your best friend for getting away from a PuP or Rask that intends to hound you until you die), and you hold the power of stealth in your hands, anywhere you want it! Of the mods, High Impact Cannister is the worst choice. Extra damage is good, but the amount is too small for it to make enough of a difference - you're better off with Fog Clover, which can give you more space to hide in, or Smoke Machine, which makes the smoke last a turn longer. Or if you need extra healing and are having trouble with M points, the 1-point Mending Mists is also worthwhile. Note that your smoke hides your teammates as well as you - if you've got a Nix or Grey on your team, you can help them hide, too (and anyone else, for that matter).

Slot 4 - On The Run - Celeste's Dash is, of course, her get-away tool. Its 5-turn cooldown means that you need to decide carefully on when to use this, because you'll likely only get three uses of it, at most, unless the game goes into Overtime. So save it for when it'll save you from death, OR when it'll help be a finishing blow on the 5th kill for your team. The damage isn't as important as the not-dying, so make sure you get to a position where you're (hopefully) safe from the enemy's original attack. Some opponents are savvy enough to realize that you're going to dash, and will try to target where they think you're going, so try to outguess them on that. With all of this in mind, the only Mod that really stands out is Cover of Darkness, which lets you use your Smoke Screens to hide anywhere. If your Smoke Bombs are using the Smoke Machine Mod, that means you'll have a place to hide for more than half the time!

Slot 5 - Safecracker (Ultimate) - A hard-hitting semi-AOE that can potentially hit all of your opponents for big damage. Sadly, there are no damage boost Mods here, so the choices seem obvious. Assault and Battery makes this ignore Cover. The range on this is already long, so Second Story Job isn't as useful as it sounds (especially at the cost of 3 M points), and the other two Mods result in more Power-Ups for you and your team, but those just can't compare to doing full damage to someone who thinks they're only taking half-damage. If you can, you absolutely want to have a Might Powerup on if you're expecting to hit more than one person with this.

I'm still working on some tests with Celeste, but I'm already certain that she's one of the biggest hitters in the bunch.