Hello there!

I'm Nekojin (also occasionally known as "The Gamesman" or "Torment" in certain game types), and I'm a gamer. I've been playing games for almost as long as video games have existed, and have been involved in gaming communities for most of that time.

I worked at Interplay as a paid beta tester just before the turn of the century. I was in the Closed Beta for City of Heroes, Auto Assault, Motor City Online, Spiral Knights, the original APB, and literally dozens of other online games, both big and small. I've hung up my beta testing hat, though, as I'd much rather get in to play games rather than test them - the beta testing, if done earnestly, can burn out your interest in a game.

I've been a Moderator for a political sub-forum in a major tech site for several years now, although that too is starting to be more wearying than rewarding of late. I haven't decided whether to resign that position, but for now, I'm sticking with it.

And as far as Atlas Reactor goes, I'm enjoying it greatly. My twitch reflexes were never superb, and as I'm getting older, I'm losing some of that as well. So turn-based games (XCom, Civilization, etc) are more my speed. I actually don't enjoy MOBAs like League of Legends for that reason - but Atlas Reactor sounded like an interesting change of pace, and I'm glad I gave it a try. I was bored and looking for something Free-To-Play to commit some Capital Chronocide, and found something better. After only a few days of play, I went ahead and dropped the cash to be a full member. Sure, the game still has its rough edges, but I'm confident that my money is being put to good use, and will be even more rewarding as time goes on.

So far my top characters are Juno and Aurora, although I've played four other characters to at least Lv. 5 (Lockwood, PuP, Dr. Finn, and Asana). See you in-game!