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Thread: Help needed! Emergency - streaming Atlas and art for donations!

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    Exclamation Help needed! Emergency - streaming Atlas and art for donations!

    My beloved boyfriend Charlie was hit by the hurricane Matthew and the flooding afterwards took everything he owned. He is at a safe place now where he can stay for a few weeks, yet without any money he won't have a home soon or warm clothes for the nearing winter. FEMA has been contacted but answered that his area is not marked as an emergency zone, so there is no money to be expected from their side.

    Charlie, known as KingPyroJack among the community, has set up a GoFundMe where you can watch a video and see yourself how bad the flooding has gotten.


    Yet GoFundMe does not offer any options to donate with paypal, hence why I set up a donation goal on my stream. Please, PLEASE spread the word, give me views, help out with donations - every little bit counts. We're really desperately in need.
    What I primary offer are art streams and art events, game streams, commission streams and more. As an official Trion Creator I will also hold giveaways for Atlas Reactor! And as a pro-player of Atlas Reactor I am offering gameplay lessons and explanations. I will be streaming every single day for as long as I can.


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    Fought you in that stack with PepperTitan and Babymillie. Got our butts handed to us. Sorry to hear this happened, best of luck to both of you!

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