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    Patch Notes: 10/17

    Hotfix #2 - General
    • Fixed a bug which prevented players from receiving more than one point towards challenge completion for advanced Holo Haunt challenges.
    • Fixed a bug that caused loading bars when entering a game to not update properly.

    Hotfix #1 - General
    • Free players now correctly no longer have the loot matrix open delay
    • Fixed an exception when watching replays
    • Fixed an issue where Su-Ren’s Serenity ability could show the incorrect healing amount when used in conjunction with a dash
    • Su-Ren now correctly counts towards the “Play 3 matches, each as a different Freelancer” mission
    • Correctly hid an Oz skin (hopefully you enjoyed the sneak preview!)

    New Freelancer: Su-Ren, The Robo-Roshi!
    • A highly trained martial artist with a special gift for healing
    • Su-Ren is a melee focused support freelancer whose staff mastery protects her allies and strikes fear into her enemies
    • How will Asana’s master influence the battlefield?

    Holo Haunt Hype
    • The Holo Haunt begins on 10/18 at 12:01am Pacific time
    • Earn Haunt Matrices through challenges or as bonuses on Loot Matrix packs
    • Each Matrix contains a non-duplicate Haunt skin for Quark, Titus, Juno, or Rask
    • New Chapter 2 missions are available!
    • Read the Chapter 2 story to learn the origins of the Holo Haunt…

    Chat Fixes
    • Fixed a few issues that could prevent Enter from properly bringing up the chat window. Please let us know if you still encounter this problem
    • Chat should now be more responsive immediately after hitting enter, which will prevent the first letter of a typed message from sometimes getting lost
    • Clickable links now highlight when moused over in chat
    • Autocomplete is now more clear

    • Season Missions can now be seen on the Missions tab along with Daily Missions and Challenges. This should make it easier to track all active Missions
    • The Fill option should be easier to see and understand now. Long live the great and mighty Will “Phil” Fill.
    • On the in-game scoreboard, there is now an Ability Mods tab. This allows players to see abilities, cooldowns, mods, and catalysts for everyone in the match. Our general approach is to not have the player forced to “remember” information, so this UI element aligns with our gameplay goals\
    • Catalysts will now show over allies heads when being used, just like other abilities
    • The cover icon when moving is now more noticeable
    • Freelancers will no longer play their ready up animation every time you choose a new skin
    • Ability Mod Loadout UI made friendlier to use. Let’s be honest, the real challenge would have been making it even less friendly

    Free Mode Improvements
    • Free players are now allowed to play in Custom games, although they still cannot create them. This is to better allow Free players to play with their friends who are purchasers
    • Removed the time restriction on Loot Matrix opens for Free players. Based on community feedback, we have lifted this restriction\
    • Free players should now be able to use "Fill" in PvP. They can still only choose from free rotation Freelancers

    New Player Experience
    • The waypoint section of the tutorial now shows the correct keybindings and instructions based on which options you have set
    • The bots in the second prologue are now easier, as they were winning more often against new players than desired
    • The default setting in VS Bots is now Easy and Medium has been made slightly easier. This is in response to data that showed bot matches were more difficult than intended. Hard and the star settings still exist for advanced players looking for a challenge

    • Fixed an issue causing Zuki's last known position indicator to occasionally be incorrect after using Rocket Jump – which could give away her position
    • Fixed an issue where the auto-cam would move subtly in a direction when a player Shifted and could give away the general location of that player’s Shift. Thank you to our excellent community for bringing this to our attention
    • Celeste's Strong Arm and Grey's Double Dart have had slight control adjustments
    • Ramparts shield should now give a cover damage reduction against Blackburn’s ult
    • Holding the Shift key while selecting an action now allows you to retarget the same action you already input, so you can try lining up an even better shot before your time runs out. Previously this only worked for a different ability than you already input

    • Added pause functionality to Custom games. There is now an option to allow players to pause in Custom game. This is primarily to assist player run tournaments in the event of a player or caster disconnecting
    • Multiple Freelancers skins with less color choices should now have more color choices. Find them all!
    • Matchmaker will take more efforts to balance freelancer role coverage
    • Adjusted the ground in Omni Reactor Core map to make it easier to follow the action
    • If the Graphics Quality has never been set on a computer by a player, it may be set to Low or High after the next load screen into a game if a low or high framerate is detected. If it is set to Low, a notification dialog is displayed, which will not be displayed again after it is closed.
    • Removed effect that could cause unwanted shadows on characters faces, visible during some taunts, in the Omni Reactor Core map
    • Improvements to visuals when freelancers dropped out of stealth
    • Rampart’s shield should no longer block taunts in the taunt cam
    • Some rare reconnect bug fixes

    Known Issue
    • Running a reply will often throw an exception. The replay will continue to work fine. We are looking into a fix.

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    Thanks Muzzy! BTW, you may want to move the non-official thread out of this subforum, as it is currently displaying on the launcher.

    EDIT: Looks like it's already done! You guys are great!

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    Removed the time restriction on Loot Matrix opens for Free players. Based on community feedback, we have lifted this restriction\
    I still have the time restriction,

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